SEO: Keyword Cannibalization and Internal Linking

Keyword cannibalization and internal linking are two of the less glamorous aspects of SEO.

And while these items are not always as exciting as content creation, you can see immense ROI from just a few quality changes.

Here are the key pieces:

Define which keywords you’re targeting

Then, type in your website and the keyword you’re searching for, in this format – keywords

For example, mobiles phones


Divide the results that show up into two categories

Create one bucket for URLs that need 301 redirects, and one bucket for URLs that need interlinks.

You could organize this process by putting them all into a spreadsheet.

Unpublish the URLs you need to redirect, then 301 redirect them to relevant content

Make sure to reload the URLs to make sure your redirects work.

Link to the content you want to rank from high-authority pages

You can use an SEO tool to figure out which pages are likely to pass on the most authority. We use SEMrush.

That’s about it! This is a great strategy if you’ve just published a piece of content and are trying to give it a little extra boost in the SERPs.





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