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Safeguard Your Kids With These 6 Amazing Apps

Parents are concerned with the increasing cyberattacks on their kids’ smartphones. You can find hundreds of cases where children become victims of these online bullying and attacks through multiple platforms. Hence, parents are always looking for a solution that can help them ensure their children’s safety.

In this article, we’ll take a look at six unique applications that will help you save your children from all cybercrimes. It helps you monitor their digital presence by allowing you to check their location and social accounts.

So, let’s discuss these applications and learn how you can set up an account on any of these platforms. Or you can consider other apps to learn how to get into an iPhone.


Minspy is one of the leading phone monitoring applications that allows its users to track any device they want. The application works by installing a secret application on the targeted device.

Additionally, you can enter the iCloud credentials of an iPhone device to monitor its activities.

It is popular as the best sim tracking platform that allows you with multiple features to track someone’s location. You can either use the GPS or SIM tracking to know the exact location of your children.

The application has an easy setup that takes a few minutes to monitor any device through its website.

Features like keylogger and stealth mode make it an excellent pick to track your children’s activities. It has a simple user interface that makes it much easier to complete your setup with the provided tips.

People with little or no technical knowledge can choose this application to monitor someone’s activities remotely. However, you need to ensure that you install the application without letting anybody know.

Visit Minspy website to know more about the complete setup process of this application.


Here is another great platform to monitor your children’s activities remotely. Spyier allows you to do all your phone monitoring by using its stealth mode.

Additionally, It ensures that no one can ever know that you were tracking that device remotely. Hence, it is considered an excellent platform for parents.

This application offers an advanced keylogger that makes it much easier to read deleted messages. Additionally, you can check the text that was ever typed on that device.

It has focused on the privacy of its users and provides a seamless phone monitoring experience at the same time. Although it is not as advanced as Minspy, you can still perform every tracking with this application.


Spyine is one of the go-to platform for all professional phone trackers.

It offers a fantastic location tracking feature that makes it stand out from the crowd.

There is no need to jailbreak or root your kid’s smartphone to access it. Additionally, it offers some quick tips to help you understand how this application works and how to get the most out of it.

If you want to get quick access to its features, you can check the app demo on their homepage. It helps you get real-time access to a sample phone that shows how you can use your online account to monitor any device you want.

Hence, it is one of the most useful applications to monitor a smartphone remotely.


Here is an application specifically made for the parents who need to track their kid’s activities.

With the parental control feature of Spyic, you will experience an advanced way to monitor someone’s activities remotely.

You can do everything with this application, from watching someone’s browsing history to reviewing their installed applications.

For concerned parents, this application works as an excellent tool to ensure their kids’ security from online frauds. It uses the private keys technology to ensure that no one else can access that data.

The setup process is the same and requires you to install your kid’s smartphone setup to access it.


If you want to do something more than the necessary phone monitoring, this application is made for you.

Neatspy offers an effective way to monitor any smartphone with its advanced features. It can perform all the tasks that we have discussed before.

Additionally, you can use its advanced keylogger to check the deleted texts from that device.

Its keylogger records every keystroke made on the keyboard of that device. It can be deleted messages, passwords, or other texts.

You don’t need to guess the sender as it provides an organized conversation based on the chat or the application of that device.

Although this application is new, it still has managed to get some quick reviews on its platform. People love it for its advanced features and use it to keep track of their loved ones.

Hence, Neatspy is a platform to consider while choosing your next phone monitoring platform.


ClickFree is an excellent platform for those users who wants to get a quick solution to locate a phone.

It is famous for its location tracking features that give you the exact location of the device. Additionally, no one can ever find out about this application on their device.

They have considered their platform’s security factor and have offered a secure way to monitor a device.

According to the developers, no one can access your data without your login credentials, even if the company employees do not have access to personally identifiable data.

Hence, you can use this application to ensure the privacy of your children’s data from third-party applications.

Like other monitoring platforms, it requires you to install the setup on the targeted device.

However, this application does not take much time and gives you the fastest data syncing experience.

Final Word

Most of the time, parents fail to monitor their kids’ activities due to the lack of technology. They can not always safeguard their children from online fraud without a reliable solution.

Hence, these six applications can help you monitor their activities to protect them from online threats.

Additionally, these applications’ ease of use makes them a perfect fit for all types of parents.

They have some clear instructions on their installation guide that walk you through three easy steps to set up your account.

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