SaaS Company Websites: What Do They Have in Common?

All SaaS company sites have common features. In fact, they all kind of look alike. Analyzing the website design of 100+ SaaS businesses, here’s what they tend to have in common:

1) 98% of companies have their brand logo in the top left

This is a common approach design-wise and goes beyond the SaaS industry.

2) Most SaaS websites are mobile responsive

Unsurprisingly, a SaaS site is typically optimized for mobile.

3) 54% of SaaS webpages do not use video

Creating video requires a big commitment.

But it’s a great approach to build a personal relationship with website visitors.

It can also increase dwell time to help with SEO.

4) 50% of websites have a live chat tool

If customers have questions, a live chat tool can be valuable to prevent them from bouncing.

5) 90% of companies had a call to action button above the fold

There will be website visitors that need more information about your business before making a decision.

More rarely, others will be ready to convert right away.

A CTA above the fold gives you a chance to convert the warmest prospects.

6) Green is the most popular color for CTA buttons, followed by blue

7) “Get started” is the most popular CTA

It’s followed up by “Request demo”, “Try ___”, and “Sign up”.

8) 92% of sites use a white background

Lots of white space gives a clean look to websites and is especially popular among US sites.

9) 50% of SaaS businesses use images of people on the homepage

And 70% of them leverage illustrations of people and tech.

So, those are the basics:

Now the question is – what do I do with these stats?

Should you copy what everyone else is doing because it apparently works? Or should you do something different?

The answer isn’t as clear-cut. Some of these can benefit most websites, SaaS or not.

For example, a live chat tool or an above-the-fold CTA will be helpful no matter your industry.

But for other variables, experimentation and split testing can bring improvements.

For instance, if all websites are using the same standard CTA text, going one step forward by using a creative CTA or something more specific can be a big help.

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