Great SAAS Solutions For Small Businesses

Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms are changing the way business is done. It is not just the preserve of large operations; small businesses are increasingly joining the cloud-based revolution to automate many everyday tasks and increase efficiency and productivity, while saving time and money. The growth of the sector has been rapid – as long ago as 2017, 38% of enterprises were already running most of their operations on SAAS platforms.

Unsurprisingly, the changes wrought by COVID-19 have turbo-charged adoption, and if you’re not using SAAS in your business, you risk being left behind. Today, there are more platforms available than ever before to suit all types of operations, and more seem to crop up every day.

Here are 5 of the best apps for small business.

Business Accounting

Even the smallest operation needs to keep on top of their accounting. Tracking accounts receivable and payable, processing payroll, balancing budgets, and calculating the correct amount of tax you owe can be very time-consuming. Absolute accuracy is paramount; mistakes are easy to make and can cost your business a lot of money.

SAAS apps can take the strain and stress away by automating financial management and handling all these tasks quicker and simpler. They also make running analytical reports on your finances possible at any time. QuickBooks is fantastic software for any small business. It is very easy to use, with all features accessed via one dashboard and online training resources also included. It is scalable too; your subscription can be upgraded to add more features as your company grows. The mobile app enables you to dive in and out of your accounting at your convenience, wherever you are.

Project Management

SAAS apps are fantastic tools to effectively organize and manage projects, allowing you to optimize your workflow while sharing information transparently and keeping your team focused on their tasks. Progress is trackable at a click and delivering projects on time is made far easier.

The apps also allow access from anywhere – more vital than ever in this time of home-working. Proofhub has all you and your team need in one place to manage projects and get everyone working towards the same goal. Group chat, shared workflow boards and project reports make discussing ideas, organizing files and getting the job done supremely easy.


Getting the right message out to your audience at the right time is all-important. If you’re not doing it right, you can be sure your competitors are. SAAS solutions enable you to create and implement great marketing campaigns, boosting your brand and attracting customers.

They automate repetitive tasks and will handle things like data collection, content distribution, lead generation and conversion. More advanced apps will also give you access to valuable analytical reports. Hubspot Marketing is a powerful tool to connect you with the right audience. It will help you use your data to create and publish the right content to identify and convert customers. You’ll also be able to use the in-depth reports to see what marketing is delivering and what isn’t performing.

Social Media

Using social media is a must for all small businesses these days; the audience is simply too big and too valuable to miss. If your business becomes an expert at creating that popular post, your brand awareness will rocket, as will your sales and revenue. There are multiple channels to contend with and managing everything you need to cover can be overwhelming.

SAAS social media management software allows you to engage customers on all major networks, schedule all your content and analyze how it is working on each channel. Crowdfire is a great app where you can manage your social media strategy, allowing you to maintain a 24/7 presence. They offer a range of subscription packages and also have a limited free plan.


For the uninitiated, Customer Relationship Management is a process where companies build strong relationships with their customers, using their data to seamlessly grow sales and revenue. CRM systems handle contacts, analyze customer information, create opportunities, streamline sales processes and facilitate the best customer experience.

SAAS CRM helps you take control of all the above in one location. If you want to get leads, close deals, and boost your bottom line, you need SAAS CRM. Salesforce is a massively popular platform, offering a comprehensive CRM suite for businesses of all sizes. It is packed with easily used features covering sales, analytics, engagement, and customer service, all from a single dashboard.

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