What Not to Do While Promoting Your Content on TikTok

This article goes to people who have recently registered on TikTok and now don’t quite know what to do with their content. They’re aspiring to become popular, find their audience and maybe even start making money off their content, but where do they start, what do they do and a million other questions go through their head daily. We’re here to help: in this text you’ll find why you should buy TikTok followers, where you shouldn’t buy them, what are the not so obvious obstacles on the way towards popularity and why you shouldn’t waste all your money on paid services from the very start of your online development.

First things first, are you sure you need to make your account worldwide popular and a resource of your primary income? Well, you might think that it will be easy — it takes literally just some talent, several viral videos and a pretty face to become known on TikTok.

That’s how most people think, but actually this is quite far from the truth. What it really takes is loads and loads of time, effort, planning, a whole team working behind one account and a bunch of investments into somebody’s future success. Is the game worth the candles? Think several times before diving into this sphere, okay?

Well, you seem to be pretty sure that you really need that popularity, aren’t you? We’re going to give you 3 clues on what you shouldn’t do if you’re willing to reach your goals:

Don’t try to collaborate with other TikTokers from the very start

It might seem like a genius thing to do — you can work with them and steal their audience, especially if you’re posting something alike. But that’s not how it is working, unfortunately, you have to be someone before you will be able to work with somebody else.

Start gradually and try to gain first followers and likes by yourself, then you can include paid promo services into your life and only then you can think about collaborating with someone else to make your audience reach bigger.

Don’t overthink it and don’t post something too complicated or edited

The times when special effects were appreciated are long gone, and now people love the simplicity and shortness of the videos they prefer to watch. So go with the flow and try to be as simple as possible with what you’re posting — the shorter and more memorable it is, the better it’s going to be for you.

Don’t try to buy services for promotion in one big pack and in crazy amounts

It especially applies to those who have just created their account and already are trying to buy everything they can to push their profile towards growth. Even though it seems to be a great investment, don’t do it! Why?

We’re going to tell you further:

How to buy followers for your TikTok profile if you have just started on this platform?

It might not be so obvious, but there is a thing called social proof and that is the most precious thing that each blogger has. You gain it while posting high-quality stuff, while talking to your audience and staying in touch with them, and while being you online, being a unique person that is interesting to watch and follow.

If you’re buying thousands of fake followers, manipulating your viewers into thinking that you’re already huge online, you can lose this social proof and won’t be able to ever gain some again because your reputation will be ruined. Earlier in time people weren’t so attentive to what a certain blogger is doing, but right now people see false development very quickly and easily and all of it can seriously affect your online life.

That’s why we’d recommend you planning and thinking ahead of a situation — if you’re new, buy followers, likes, and other promo options in adequate amounts, suitable to your current situation in the profile.

Try buying several hundreds, that looks and seems to be okay to most people, especially if you have just posted something interesting and trendy. You can do the same trick with likes to support your new publication, but if you haven’t been posting for a while and here you have thousands of likes coming to your account — boy oh boy that’s too obvious to be a complete lie.

Also, please, don’t purchase low-quality followers from a questionable website that seems fake. And don’t fall for options that are almost free — those will have you with no followers in the end at all or will provide your profile with thousands of bot followers, and that’s no good for anyone. So you have to be really subtle and sneaky with what you’re doing if you want to make your success seem natural and believable enough, otherwise it’s just going to be a total waste of money and time.

Choose the pack of followers and likes wisely, make sure you’ve thought of everything ahead and have a plan in your head, including content plan and your needs in terms of paid promotion and professional help.

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