‘Play Magnus’ – ELO Ratings at Each Age

Play Magnus has a unique concept where you play the best or one of the best chess players who ever lived at each age.

So when Magnus was 5 he obviously wasn’t as good at chess as someone who’s an adult and a decent player. Then it scales up from there to progressively harder chess.

In this article, we’ll look at the approximate ELO ratings for Play Magnus at each age.

Play Magnus – Approximate ELO Ratings

5 years old: 250

6 years old: 500

7 years old: 800

8 years old: 850

9 years old: 900
Norwegian rating.

10 years old: 2200
Still Norwegian rating.

Heidi Røneid vs. Magnus Carlsen Age 10 | Play Magnus App | Chessable Masters

11 years old: 2227
Magnus became an FM at age 11.

12 years old: 2350
Magnus became an IM at age 12.

13 years old: 2500
Magnus became a GM at age 13, the youngest in the world and the second-youngest ever at the time.

14 years old: 2581

15 years old: 2570
Magnus went through his only real slump that year.

16 years old: 2698
Magnus played in his first super tournaments right around this time.

17 years old: 2714
Magnus reached 2700 at 16 as the youngest ever, a record that has since been beaten by Wei Yi.

18 years old: 2786
Magnus was now number four in the world.

19 years old: 2801
Magnus reached 2800 at 18 as the youngest ever. The record still stands.

20 years old: 2802
Magnus became the highest-rated player in the world at 19, as the youngest ever.

21 years old: 2826
Magnus solidified his top spot on the world rankings this year, and has held it since.

22 years old: 2848
Magnus was really closing in on Kasparov’s rating record now, and surpassed it shortly after his 22nd birthday.

23 years old: 2870
At this point there was a whopping 70-point difference between Magnus and the second-rated player, Levon Aronian.

24 years old: 2863
Magnus peaked at 2882 (unofficially 2889) that year, the highest rating ever.

Magnus also recognizes age 24 as generally his best form ever.

25 years old: 2850
A minor dip in form.

26 years old: 2853
Still number one by a good margin.

27 year olds and beyond: 2850+

Magnus is now in his 30s, and his rating has peaked in the high-2800s.

The engine probably gets incrementally more difficult at each age, but should top out around at ELO of about 2900.

It remains a great app for impersonating super-GM/world champion-level play.

Play Magnus was acquired by Chess(.)com in August 2022.

Magnus Carlsen Age

Magnus was born November 30, 1990, so he will be 33 in November 2023.

Magnus Carlsen vs. Himself at Age 18 on the Play Magnus app


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