7 Ways PayPal Secured Itself as a Trusted Casino Payment Method

PayPal is one of the most successful online casino payment methods in the world. It rose into prominence in 2002 after eBay acquired it in a $1.5 billion deal. Over the years, the e-wallet continued to grow around the world by partnering with multiple merchants and investing in innovation.

If you have never used PayPal for casino payments, you might wonder why people like it so much. Read the following seven reasons and you’ll probably get on the PayPal bandwagon too.

Free, Quick Deposits

When you deposit money to an online casino using PayPal, you don’t pay deposit fees. It doesn’t matter how much you’re spending—PayPal charges online casinos and not you. Vitally, the company’s transactions are pretty fast.

PayPal’s powerful engine processes 193 transactions per second. It’s not the fastest engine—Visa processes 65,000 transactions per second and some cryptocurrencies process up to a million transactions. All the same, PayPal payments are instantaneous.

When it comes to withdrawals, whether you pay fees depends on the betting website. Some companies cover the fees for you so that you receive the exact amount of money you win. However, others charge a fee of 1-3% of your winnings.

Partnerships with the USA’s Best PayPal Casino Sites

Online casinos are now legal in a growing number of American states, from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Delaware and West Virginia. You can view a list of the USA’s best PayPal casino sites at bestcasinosites.net. And as you’ll realize, many of these operators accept PayPal.

Scratch that—PayPal accepts working with the best USA casinos. What difference does it make? PayPal is a choosy company. It partners with casinos after carefully considering their applications—they must be licensed, secure, trustworthy, and reputable.

As a result, many PayPal casinos are also trustworthy. Don’t take our word for it. Review several websites while checking their vital features and decide the best casino for you. Hint, look for game variety, bonuses, payment policies, customer support, and a user-friendly website.

PayPal One Touch

PayPal One Touch is a feature that saves you from the need to provide your credit/debit card information every time you want to make a payment. With One Touch, you provide your banking information once. After that, you can deposit at multiple casinos without filling payment forms.

The best part of One Touch is that it’s secure and private. After you provide your banking information, PayPal keeps the data in secure servers. What’s more, it doesn’t reveal this information to casinos. Instead, it only gives betting websites your money—which is what they need to allow you to bet.

Another benefit of One Touch is that it’s fast. As mentioned, you don’t have to waste time filling out billing forms. The feature is also available on all devices and casinos that accept PayPal. So, no matter whether you’re using Mac or Windows, you can activate One Touch.

Data Encryption and Transparency

PayPal is a secure payment company. It secures your data by encrypting it as it moves from your computer to casinos and back. The company also uses secure servers to store this data. However, even if someone were to compromise the servers, they would still not decrypt your data.

Of course, the e-wallet also supports password protection. Everyone that wants to use PayPal regularly can create an account with a secure password. Also, you can activate Two-Factor Authentication to ensure someone must provide your password and an authentication code sent to your cell phone or email address before they get access to your account.

In the spirit of transparency, PayPal provides lots of information when collecting data. For example, it lets you know what information it collects and how it uses it. The e-wallet also asks for your consent before collecting this data, meaning you have a right not to grant permission.


Mac and Windows computers aren’t the only devices that support PayPal. You can also use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to complete PayPal payments. Interestingly, you can use the company’s native apps or its mobile-friendly website.

There’s no difference in your experience whether you use a native app or mobile website. However, using a website saves you the need to install an app on your phone. You also don’t have to deal with the lagging that comes with mobile apps.

With that in mind, PayPal’s apps and mobile websites resemble its desktop sites. The colors, layouts, and features are similar. Crucially, PayPal’s mobile site is also secure, fast, and easy to use. And in case you’re wondering, there are plenty of mobile casinos out there, so you can use PayPal apps on a lot of sites.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

One underrated feature of PayPal is that it personalizes the user experience by supporting multiple currencies and languages. You can use the GBP if you’re from the UK, Euros, Australian dollars, or Japanese Yen. And if you live a country whose currency isn’t presently supported, you can always use the dollar.

On the flip side, you can switch PayPal’s language settings to use your native language, from Spanish and English to French and Portuguese. These settings make PayPal appealing to lots of people now that they can use their native language for communication and their local currency for payments.

PayPal Chargebacks

PayPal is famous for its chargeback service—a feature that lets users ask for a refund if they make a payment to a fraudulent person or website. Not many e-wallets provide chargebacks for different reasons. Nonetheless, online shoppers love the feature and use PayPal repeatedly only because they can trust it for a refund where necessary.

Truth be told, chargebacks are controversial and a major reason why some casino doesn’t work with PayPal. Precisely, some people abuse the service to ask for refunds even when they get quality services, leading to losses for the casinos.

However, PayPal is now vigilant in approving chargeback requests. It looks into every case to ensure that only deserving customers get refunds.






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