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How Do I Monitor My Children’s (or Someone’s) iPhone?

“How do I monitor my children’s iPhone?” This is a typical question lingering in most parents’ thoughts. It’s substantial for all concerned guardians to keep a tab of everything kids do while using cell phones.

Due to their tender age, children are the most susceptible to both the existing world and internet threats. It can be challenging to monitor your kid’s movements, especially teenagers who deal with adolescence, peer pressure, etc.

You need a phone tracker to know what happens on the kid’s device and keep them safe from cybercriminals.

In this guide, we’ll see how to monitor children’s iPhone using the TeenSafe app because it’s the best in the business.

Part 1: How to Monitor Children’s iPhone Without Experience

Before we commence, allow me to be sincere with you. Searching the web for a legit tracking solution will give you varied options. Some are a hoax and can’t be trusted as they may scam or steal from you.

Therefore, you should look for a dedicated phone tracking app that monitors a kid’s iPhone discreetly and remotely. It should be simple, and anyone can use it without coding skills.

Here, we present TeenSafe for meeting the above conditions and being reliable.

TeenSafe – iPhone Parental Control Solution

Among the top-rated parental monitoring apps available today is  TeenSafe’s iPhone tracker. It has millions of clients across 190+ countries who rely on its capabilities each day.

Since its introduction, TeenSafe has gained recognition for its intuitive user interface and performance. Its features are often mentioned in notable media platforms such as Toms Guide, CNET, and TechRadar.

The good thing about TeenSafe is that it’s designed with cutting-edge technology to operate anonymously. It runs entirely online and can be accessed via any web browser on your PC or smartphone from any place.

You can deploy it on all iOS devices without downloading or installing an app.

There’s no jailbreaking done on your kid’s iPhone since it tampers with the phone’s security and voids the warranty. That way, your son or daughter will never discover that you are monitoring them.

With TeenSafe, everything syncs automatically through the iCloud backup feature.

You receive real-time updates on your dashboard, and your info isn’t accessed or cached on the software’s servers. Once you log out, no one can access your account.

Only the children’s iCloud username and password are enough to get started. Setting up TeenSafe is a piece of cake, taking less than five minutes to complete.

Now, let’s see how to use TeenSafe to keep track of your child’s iPhone activities:

Part 2: How to Monitor Children’s iPhone using TeenSafe

Getting started with TeenSafe is straightforward and requires only a few easy-to-follow steps to set up. Here’s how it works:

Steps to Begin Tracking Children’s iPhone in Minutes

Step 1

Go to the TeenSafe homepage and register for a free account with your email ID. Advance to buy a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2

A receipt, setup instructions, and login details will be sent to you.

a)   Hit the “start monitoring” button to be taken to the control panel. Fill in the provided fields with the child’s name, age, and OS as iOS.

b)   Input the kid’s iCloud credentials for verification and disable the two-factor authentication (2FA).

c)   Proceed with the setup wizard and select the children’s iPhone linked to the iCloud credentials.

Step 3

Once it finishes the installation, tap the “start” button to be directed to your TeenSafe dashboard.

Give it a few minutes for features to load. On the left side menu, you can access TeenSafe features.

Part 3: What Can You Achieve with TeenSafe?

You get access to 35+ exclusive features when you subscribe to TeenSafe.

Below is what you can do with the software:

Track Location

TeenSafe’s location tracker allows you to monitor your children’s movements by providing live GPS location updates.

You can trace their current location and see other places they recently visited.

Go Through Phone Calls

Using the call analyzer feature, you will know all the people your child interacts with on their iPhone or iPad.

It allows you to examine all incoming and outgoing calls. You can see callers ID, time, and even record calls that you can use as evidence.

Read iMessages

The message feature is designed to help you read and analyze all sent and received messages on your kid’s iPhone.

You get to go through their texts even as they do the typing. Even better, you can see the deleted messages.

Monitor Browser History

Children are not safe while surfing the internet on their own. It has much content that teenagers may get tempted to try out fishy sites such as watching pornography.

TeenSafe allows you to see all accessed sites, and you can even block them.

Of course, there are more significant elements that we haven’t covered here like SIM monitor, social media tracker, etc.

Part 4: Why is TeenSafe Cherished Worldwide

Millions of parents are using TeenSafe for a variety of reasons. Without saying more, let’s look at what makes the app so cool.

Hassle-Free Setup

TeenSafe configures and syncs with your children’s iPhone in less than 5 minutes.

No Jailbreak

You don’t need any programming expertise to monitor with TeenSafe since there’s no device alteration required.

Web-Based Interface

You can log in to your TeenSafe account at any time. It’s compatible with all internet browsers.

No App Installation

TeenSafe for iOS doesn’t need you to download or install software on your kid’s iPhone.

You need the children’s iCloud ID, and that’s all.


It works 100% discreetly so you can’t be detected.

96% of TeenSafe users renew their subscriptions to enjoy its unique elements.

Safe & Secure

TeenSafe app doesn’t access or store data on its servers but syncs with the iCloud feature for real-time results.


TeenSafe is one of the few parental control software that allows you to monitor your children’s iPhone without jailbreaking.

It’s a user-friendly app that lets you track your kid’s iPhone remotely and secretly.

There’s no jailbreaking of the kid’s device, and no app installation is required. It uses the iCloud backup feature to run everything remotely.

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