MediaTek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 712 vs Kirin 810 comparison – GeekBench Antutu scores

MediaTek unveiled a new chipset gaming-centric chipset dubbed as Helio G90T, which will directly compete with two other mid-rangers Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 and HiSilicon Kirin 810. These are very powerful processor and worth comparison between Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 712 vs Kirin 810. We will be doing a full in-depth comparison based on provided configurations. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

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MediaTek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 712 vs Kirin 810

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CPU & Hardware

The Helio G90T chipset is powered by the two powerful Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.05 GHz. There are six more Cortex-A55 cores pointed at 2.0 GHz CPU. Overall, it begs a dual-cluster Octa-Core CPU under the hood. Snapdragon 712 packing two custom Kryo 360 based on ARM Cortex-A75 cores are clocked at 2.3 GHz. Lastly, Kirin 810 arrives with 2x Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.27 GHz, and other six Cortex-A55 powers at 1.8GHz. When it comes to power efficiency, the Kirin 810 is processed on 7nm followed by Snapdragon 712 on 10nm and Helio G90T 12nm process respectively. It makes Kirin 810 most power-efficient chip in the list.

Unarguably, Cortex-A76 is the latest one and more powerful than the Cortex-A75. At least on paper, Kirin 810 dominates the list, but Helio G90T is not far behind. The Snapdragon 712 is on the last position and benchmarking scores also justifies the internals. All three SoC support LPDDR4X RAM support, but Kirin 810 has the extra edge with its quad-channel RAM to boost the memory power. These chipsets follow the industry standards with UFS 3.1 flash storage.

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Mali-G76 3EEMC4 vs Adreno 616 vs Mali-G52 MP6 GPU

The MediaTek Helio G90T packs Mali-G76 3EEMC4 quad-core GPU, which is also being used by the some of the flagship devices. However, it falls behind the latest Mali-G77, but a complimentary upgrade in the mid-range segment. It is based on the 10nm process and a very capable processor for high-end gaming. MediaTek also uses HyperEngine technology to further boost the GPU power. The Adreno 616 GPU powers the Snapdragon 712.

The Mali-G52 MP6 GPU used on the Kirin 810 clocks at max. 850 MHz. The company makes several implementations like AI FM scheduling technology, GPU load optimizations, GPU underlying driver upgrades, and HD game effects optimization to enhance the graphics power. Finally, Adreno 616 is more stable but slightly less powerful than the other two. It is fabricated on 14nm Process making is slightly less power efficient in comparison to Mali G76 and G52. All in all, Mali-G76 3EEMC4 and Mali-G52 MP6 performing equally good, while, the Adreno 616 remains on the 3rd position. All the three chips support necessary API OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL 2.0, DirectX 12, bit the Helio G90T supports latest Vulkan 1.1 API as well.

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Camera, Display & Connectivity

MTK Helio G90T supports single 64MP camera @22.5fps, 48MP camera @30fps, and dual 24MP + 16MP camera also @30fps. It is using a triple image signal processor. the SDM712 can support up to a single 25MP, 48MP camera @30fps, which can be further expanded up to whooping 192MP after making some compromisations. The Kirin 810 is capable of supporting up to 48MP single camera and dual 40MP + 16MP camera. For video playback, all these can play and record up to 4K video, but Helio G90T has a slight edge of recording 720p @120fps slo-mo video.

In regards, Helio G90T has a slight edge for using 3x ISP to making the image process even faster, but Snapdragon 712 can hold a next lever camera with sharp and clearer pictures. Overall, no clear winner in the camera department. Both Snapdragon 712 and Kirin 810 can hold up to 3360×1440 pixels Quad HD+ displays with HDR10 support, whereas, Helio G90T is restricted to only 2520 x 1080 pixels Full HD+ resolution, also, it lacks HDR10 support.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the Snapdragon 712 processor has integrated X15 modem with up to 800 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload speed. Kirin 810 has also an integrated LTE modem with super fast 1.4 Gbps download and 200 Mbps upload speed, followed by Helio G90T with 600 Mbps upload and 150 Mbps upload speed. Indeed, the upload and download speed only matters in a few countries, whereas, most of the countries have far slower internet speed than allowed by these chipsets. Other connectivity features include Bluetooth 5.0, Dual 4G VoLTT, USB 3.1 support, 802.11a/b/g on all the chipsets.

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Geekbench and Antutu Scores

The Helio G90T scores 2410 points in single-core and 7193 points in multi-core on GeekBench. Snapdragon 712 single-core points are 1904, which goes up to 6026 for multi-core results. Finally, the Kirin 810 overtakes with 2746 points in single-core and 7700 points for multi-core. Overall, GeekBench winner in Kirin 810.

Helio G90T Geekbench
Snapdragon 712 GeekBench
Kirin 810 GeekBench

Further moving to AnTuTu, MediaTek Helio G90T tops the list with 2,22,282 points, Kirin 810 is marginally behind with 2,19,504 points. The Snapdragon 712 only scores 1,79,904 making it one of the weakest chipset in the list. These scores may vary from device to device because of a different kind of optimizations made by the manufacturers. We have just listed average scores gathered from public sources because Helio 90T powered device doesn’t yet arrive in the market.

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After comparing the specs, we have found that MediaTek Helio G90T and Kirin 810 almost stand at the same position, meanwhile, the Snapdragon 712 comparatively not that powerful at least on paper. When it comes to stability and optimizations, Snapdragon is still ruling the industry, that you might notice in real-world usage. HiSilicon Kirin 810 chipset also packs dedicated NPU named as Da Vinci to improve the AI capabilities. Without any doubt, Kirin 810 wins the onboard configurations. The Helio G90T is on the second position and Snapdragon 712 remains on the last in the list

Quick Summary

MediaTek Helio G90T vs Kirin 810: The kirin 810 is a winner with slightly more powerful specifications

MediaTek Helio G90T vs Snapdragon 712: Helio G90T totally outperformed the Snapdragon 712 in all aspects

Kirin 810 vs Snapdragon 712: Kirin 810 wins the race with a huge margin

Overall Winner: Kirin 810 is the final winner with slightly more powerful configurations than the Helio G90T


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