Marketing Your Personal Business in 2021 – Quick Tips

Got some more time on your hands in 2024, and want to start pursuing an online business strategy? Perhaps you’ve been pursuing a hobby in your spare time throughout lockdown, and want to look into a way of perhaps monetizing that passion?

Whatever the case may be, take a look at this quick guide, going over some different ways to market your personal business in 2024.

Deciding on your business

It might seem obvious, but the first thing that you want to do when starting your own online business is, well, actually deciding on the product that you want to sell, and how specifically you’re going to sell it.

If you want to start selling your own spin on something that is already offered readily on the market, then how are you going to do it differently?

If you’re offering something completely new that you think will be unique, then how are you going to get the point across effectively of what your product/service does?

These sorts of key questions are great to ask yourself initially, as they will help you to plan out your strategy, and will stay at the forefront of your mind as you make further decisions on how to market your brand and product going forward.

Tip – If investing your own funds and savings into a business strategy, be sure that you’re in a comfortable financial situation, and can afford to do so.

The last thing you need is to run into an emergency cost down the line and not have enough money to cover it due to having your assets tied up in different spinning plates.

Luckily, the beauty of setting up an online business is in the fact that it removes a lot of the overhead, and can often cost next to nothing when done directly from your computer (or even smartphone).

Utilizing social media

Once you’ve decided on the type of business strategy that you want to pursue, and the type of product/service that you want to start offering, a great tip for marketing that idea online is to set up different social accounts, particularly if you find that your target audience/demographic is in one particular place.

There is a wide range of different social media platforms, each with their own uses, benefits and drawbacks.

Tip – Struggling for ideas on the sort of content that you need to be putting out in order to engage your potential audience? Take a look at your competitors and see if there’s something that they’re doing that you could be doing better, or something that they’re not doing that you think you could capitalize upon.

Offering varied content

Posting the exact same type of content across multiple different social media platforms often isn’t enough, and so you need to make sure that you’re offering the content you produce in as many different forms as possible, too. This way, audiences have a choice in the way that they consume the content, and they’re much more likely to interact and engage with it if it’s stylized in a relevant way for the platform that they’re seeing it on.

For example, RWinvest (an investment company) offers a range of different guides, videos and podcasts, with the latest on the UK investment market.

This way, those wanting to learn more about that subject can decide on their own terms how they want to digest the valuable information.

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