LinkedIn: Improve Ad Performance by Combining Paid and Organic

“Page Followers exposed to organic and paid content are 61% more likely to convert compared to those only exposed to paid media.”

This is just one of the stats from LinkedIn’s newest guide on why you should mix paid and organic posts.

Here are some more interesting figures

  1. LinkedIn data also shows that combining organic and paid content can lift conversions by 14% (compared to paid content alone).
  2. Combining organic and paid content can also reduce your cost-per-conversion by 12 percent.
  3. Page Followers exposed to organic and paid content are 61% more likely to convert compared to those only exposed to paid media

From LinkedIn:

“The whole point of marketing is to drive business outcomes. Compared to ‘owned’ media like organic marketing and ‘earned’ media like press mentions, paid media can achieve this in a more controlled time period.

With paid media campaigns, you control what messages are served to which audiences, and when. Well, the same can be said about organic media. While its reach may be more limited, organic media is a powerful way to deepen your brand’s relationship with your audience and continually engage them in an authentic way.

Our research shows that an integrated strategy that blends the best of organic and paid can produce better business results for you.”

Our take: Given the high cost of LinkedIn advertising, these savings make a significant difference.

Do these effects hold true for other social media platforms, such as Facebook? 

We believe so. The more we see something, the more we like it. Whether that thing is on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter really doesn’t make that big of a difference.

So, the next time someone complains that their ad costs are too high, tell them to add some organic flavor to the mix.

Which LinkedIn ads do best?

A single image. This is the best-performing LinkedIn ad format, according to a poll of 400+ people conducted on LinkedIn by Social Media Today.

Here’s what took the remaining spots:

  • Video ads came in second place. LinkedIn loves to brag about how effective its video ads are.
  • Promoted text posts took the third spot.
  • Don’t underestimate polls: Polls, according to some respondents, should definitely not be underestimated. They can be effective at generating both organic and paid engagement.

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