LG UX 9.0

LG UX 9.0 – Phones List, Features, Release Date, Android 10 Update

Update 25 / 01 / 2020 – LG has officially updated its LG UX 9.0 roadmap by adding a few more mid-range smartphones!

February 2020

LG V50 ThinQ

Q2 2020 


Q3 2020

LG G7, G8S and V40

Q4 2020

LG K50S, K40S, K50 and Q60

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With the launch of Android 10, smartphone brands started working to implement its features on their custom skin UIs. As you might be aware, most of the smartphone manufacturers use custom user interface against the Stock Android, just to create brand-specific uniqueness. We have already seen some latest UI upgrades such as MIUI 11, ColorOS 7, OneUI 2.0 and some others. Finally, the Korean brand LG has upgraded its custom skin to LG UX 9.0. At the initial view, it somehow looks inspired by Samsung’s OneUI. As usual, it borrows some of the core features from the Android 10 operating system.

However, the company has already launched the LG UX 9.0 with its smartphone LG G8X, but it was based on Android 9 Pie. Newly launched Android 10 OS brings plenty of new features, that will be implemented to the latest LG UX 9.0. As far as features are concerned, it significantly improves the user experience when it compares to LG UX 8.0. Those who always complaining of LG’s kiddy icons, finally, may end up with revamped & freshly designed icon pack. In this article, we will be discussing the latest features and release date of LG UX 9.0. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

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LG UX 9.0 Features

As we have mentioned, LG UX 9.0 brings several new features to enhance the user’s experience. Based on Android 10 OS, it borrows some of the key features from the latest Android upgrade. Below is the detailed list of LG UX 9.0 features:

  • Night mode: LG UX 9.0 gets a fully system-wide dark mode, which means the entire system is available to darken the background. It will help to improve the performance of the battery, especially on OLED panels phones. Some of the third party apps may be struggling to bring this feature, but major apps have been already moved to dark mode.
  • Phone dialer: A few important options such as dial, call logs, contacts, and group options along with search contacts and call logs bar to the bottom of the screen. It is even more convenient to access these features in the dialer app.
  • Album application: The gallery app in the LG UX 9.0 will have extra space for your albums. It is a better organization, clearer and better grouping option. After you have selected any picture in the gallery app, you will get to see the trash can option, in which you can dump your unnecessary pictures.
  • Messaging: Contacts app of LG phones will now feature larger spaces between the different contacts and a bigger chat preview. This will allow users to see more of their conversations on the main page. All in all, the messaging experience has been significantly advanced.
  • World Cloak: LG UX 9.0 gets a world clock with a Bigger and bolder color scheme. You can select multiple countries to access the timing of multiple regions.
  • Enhanced Security: This is the most highlighted part of the Android 10 update. Undoubtedly, LG UX 9.0 will follow the advanced security features suggested by Google.

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LG UX 9.0 Release Date

LG hasn’t yet confirmed the exact release date of the LG UX 9.0, but we can see some of the phones getting at least a beta update by the end of this year. The company emphasizes that the new UI is optimized for the LG G8X ThinQ; therefore, it will be the first smartphone to get the Android 10 based LG UX 9.0 update.

To recall, the same smartphone was introduced with LG UX 9.0 in September month, but that time it was running on Android 9 Pie. With Android 10, LG UX 9.0 get’s plenty of new features. As soon as the company announces the full roadmap, we will be updating the list.

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LG UX 9.0 Phones List

  • LG G8X
  • LG V30
  • LG V40
  • LG V50 ThinQ
  • LG G8 ThinQ

It will worth noting that this is an unofficial list based on prediction. As of now, only LG G8x is confirmed to get the LG UX 9.0 update. For further information regarding this topic, stay tuned with us!

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