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Jackbox TV (Games): How to Install & Join the Game [Complete Guide]

Jackbox (TV) Games is a game development company, founded in March 2010 by Mike Levy and Colin Elmore, best known for their party games that can be played by up to eight people using smartphones as controllers. Their latest titles are available on the Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, and various other platforms.

It is known for YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Drawful, Fibbage, Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, and more.

The game can be installed on any of these platforms by searching for “Jackbox Party Pack 6” in the respective app stores.

The game is free to download with an option to purchase the full game which unlocks all of the content.

To join a game, each player must enter the 5-digit code that is displayed on the main menu screen. This code will change with each new game so be sure to heed attention to it when joining.

Over 120 million users

Gaming exploded in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, with nearly a 50% year-on-year rise in the number of US adults who participate in video games.

Jackbox TV Games can be great entertainment for in-home quarantine.

There is a wide variety of Jackbox Games that can cater to any type of player. If you and your friends are looking for a new party game to play, the Jackbox Party Pack 6 is the perfect choice.

Not only is it free to download, but it also includes some of the most popular Jackbox Games ever made. So gather your friends, install the game, and get ready for some hilarious fun.

Jackbox Games are also popular with families during the holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, as people are more likely to play games when they’re together and have free time off from work and/or school.

They tend to be great for get-togethers and celebrations and help provide something fun and entertaining to do for everyone involved.

What is a Jackbox Party Pack?

The Jackbox Party Pack is a collection of five or more “mini-games.” Each game was developed by Jackbox Games, with the first release of the Jackbox Party Pack coming in 2013.

For instance, Drawful is a three-round drawing game that can be played with up to eight people at once.

If you are playing on your TV then each player will need to use their phone or tablet as a controller.

You choose from thousands of different options and phrases for each player to draw on their touchscreen devices, which is then shown alongside everyone else’s drawings for comedic effect.

Each Jackbox Party Pack title has its own set of unique mini-games but most are known for offering similar forms of gameplay.

With these games, they may reach a wide audience through Zoom call or Twitch broadcast. Drawing games, quiz games, writing games, and games of disguised identities helps ensure that there’s something for everyone.

A new Jackbox Party Pack has been launched each year since 2014, offering a number of different titles.

1-8 players can participate in any of the five games included in each box.

If your party is bigger than eight people, Jackbox provides audience play-along that allows your friends to join in.

Outside Party Packs, there are some standalone games offered like Drawful 2.

How do I win at JackBox TV Games?

Every game has its own rules and different features. So it’s best that you read through them before playing in order to familiarize yourself with the standard controls and the gameplay basics of that particular title.

What do Jackbox Party Packs involve?

Jackbox follows a digital distribution channel. There are no hard copies of the games available.

Depending on your preferences, you may already know which platform you prefer:

  • Steam
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo

Gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can run Jackbox Games, in addition to streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

On the Jackbox Games website, you can see the various titles and view a list of all supported platforms. They will link you to matching sites. Then you have to decide on which platform to play.

Owning a Jackbox game enables you to play for an unlimited amount of time.


Steam is the most popular way for Mac and Windows users to play Jackbox games.

Like many games, Jackbox works more or less flawlessly with the platform.

It’s also possible to join using just your smartphone, so there’s no need for a remote, keyboard, or controller.

Each game participant goes to Jackbox.tv using a web browser on their device.

Each user needs to input a 4-digit code followed by a name and they’ll be able to join.

How do I start a Jackbox Game?

So you buy a Party Pack.

All your friends are over in one place.

Now, just press the “start” button and have fun!

YouTube has lots of video tutorials in case you need them, as it pertains to getting all participants to join and other matters (features, customization, etc.), if you need them.

What’s most is that your guests are able to see and hear what’s going on on the screen while the game is going on.

That way they’ll be able to see the room code and join in while also see what’s going on during the game.

What’s the best way to Join a Jackbox Game?

Any device that has access to the internet is able to join.

You just need to go through the following steps:

  • Go to Jackbox.tv
  • To enter a game room, enter the four-letter code shown.
  • Type in the name you want to use as a player
  • Start the game and have fun!

You are only allowed one account per browser and device.

On your web browser, it must be equipped to handle the following:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • Web sockets
  • Cookies

Rest assured that pretty much all contemporary browsers support these functions.

The host of the game will also need an additional controller.

For example, if you’re hosting, you can control it with your phone while playing it on your laptop.

Jackbox Games on a TV

You can play Jackbox Games in multiple ways on a TV.

You can connect your computer or smartphone to a TV. Apple TV is also a way to broadcast a game.

Nintendo Switch is also viable.

Playing Jackbox on your TV may require third-party applications and equipment such as an HDMI cable or Chromecast.

So, it’s essential to identify what your devices are compatible with before playing a Jackbox Game or Party Pack.

Play Jackbox Games on your TV using a PC, gaming console, or streaming device

For streaming devices like Chromecast, you can use an Android or iOS device to control the action from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

You only have to set up jackbox.tv with your second screen and you’re ready to go!

iPhone and iPad users can play Jackbox games on their Apple TV using AirPlay if they’d like. They just need a computer or mobile device to launch jackbox.tv.

Playing Jackbox on a large screen TV is great.

And there are many ways to play a Jackbox Party Pack or individual game on your TV, including the methods laid out below.

You must nonetheless first check whether the game(s) you’re trying to play are compatible with your smartphone before learning how to play via your TV.

This information will help in making the best choice when it comes to setting up gameplay on your TV.

When selecting your game or party pack, scroll down to the compatibility section that appears under the game or pack description. If your device or platform is mentioned, then you’re good to run the game if you choose to play it.

Once you’ve purchased Jackbox, ensure that you have a second smartphone, computer, or tablet available for logging into the game.

This way, you’ll input your answers, create drawings, and be able to vote in each round while watching the TV instead of looking at the website.

Play Jackbox on a TV with a gaming console

Using Jackbox games is basically the same as it is with any other game. You download them to your console, then connect your TV to your console through an HDMI.

There are various gaming consoles that are compatible with some or all of the Jackbox games, including

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S and X
  • Nintendo Switch

Using a computer and TV to play Jackbox

If you operate on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, Jackbox can be downloaded via the Fanatical, Steam, and Humble gaming platforms.

Epic Games provides Jackbox for Mac and PC. You can play games from your library once you’ve purchased.

Your computer can be connected through:

  • HDMI to your TV
  • Airplay (screen mirroring on Mac)
  • Cast from your PC or Mac via Chromecast


Jackbox Games are a series of party video games where players use their phones, tablets, or computers as controllers. Up to eight people can play at once. The games are designed for groups of friends, families, and coworkers.

Now that you know how to install and join a Jackbox game, all that’s left is to pick your favorite game or party pack and invite some friends over for a gaming night!


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