iPhone X (iPhone 10) – Still a Great Buy?

Apple took the world by storm on November 3, 2017, the release date of the iPhone X, also known and pronounced as the iPhone 10. CEO Tim Cook called “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

True to these words, it proved to be a revolutionary smartphone complete with a narrow-bezel OLED display, an overhauled design, FaceID system, and a range of other incredible features, inevitably raising the bar for other phone manufacturers.

After all, what better way to commemorate your 10th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of premium smartphones but by releasing something absolutely stellar and innovative?

Now five years since its initial release, it is now even better thanks to the iOS 15 update and more than 80% have already switched to iOS 15.

Still not sure whether this phone is worth buying in April 2024? You’ve come to the right place.

This article will outline all the reasons why the iPhone X is still a fantastic device despite being replaced by the XS and later models especially if you choose to go for a refurbished one.

Let’s jump in!


Let’s be honest, when a phone costs as much as the iPhone X on the release date, it’s pretty hard to give it a perfect score.

At its release, this smartphone set the bar in terms of pricing, starting at $999 in the US but now you can buy a refurbished one at a pretty great price.

Now this iPhone can be found at under $249 and it’s a bargain at this price.

iphone x iphone 10

The iPhone 10 is an ambitious step forward in every aspect possible.


Apple reignited their phone design skills with this model, giving it a refreshing new look. Packing a stunning all-screen display, this was quite simply the best thing the company had ever crammed into their smartphones.

It features a glass front and back available in either silver or space grey. It is also fitted with a polished stainless-steel frame that seamlessly wraps around it and shimmers when hit by light.

Apple did away with its thick bezels, giving this model a more compact and proportionate look compared to its predecessors.

With a screen size of 5.8-inches, it is somewhat taller than the iPhone 8, 7, and 6 but much smaller and narrower compared to the 8 plus, thereby striking an exemplary balance.

Generally, although Apple has made a few tweaks to latter generations, its design is arguably more modern in look and feel.


The 5.8-inch OLED display screen guarantees you crisp and clear images. Many critics often point out that Samsung has been using OLED screens since the first Galaxy.

Apple has been quick to counter their claims, asserting that it is only now that the technology is good enough for their phones. Who can argue with that? If there’s one thing that the company has continued to prove repeatedly is that they are here to make the best, which they achieve through revolutionary advanced technology.

The screen also benefits from True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the display to correct white point and illumination depending on your environmental lighting. This feature affords you better readability under direct sunlight and subsequently improves usability.

Face ID

One of the coolest features introduced in it was the ability to unlock one’s phone via facial recognition technology, formally killing off the use of home buttons and Touch ID.

Powered by Apple’s state-of-the-art TrueDepth camera system with advanced technologies, Face ID offers an intuitive and secure way of protecting the information in your device.

It takes only roughly 30 minutes to set up, and Apple has made it easy enough that even the not-so-tech-savvy peeps can handle it.

You will still have to set up a pin as a backup. Face ID is designed to identify changes in your appearance, such as wearing a hat, wig, or scarf.

If you wind up shaving your full beard, don’t worry. All you’ll need to do is confirm your identity using the passcode you set earlier, and FaceID will automatically update your face data.


The iPhone X boasts a redesigned dual 12-megapixels rear camera, featuring a standard lens and telephoto shooter.

This gives this phone an edge over models like the iPhone 11 since you can zoom into a photo without compromising on image quality.

The selfie camera is also great, proving Apple always has its customers in mind when designing new models. Both the front and back cameras have portrait lighting capabilities meaning you can easily take the coolest portfolio selfies without much of a hustle.


Featuring Apple’s A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone X is still one of the most powerful smartphones you could buy right now. This is because the A11 chip offers improved efficiency and graphic performance.

However, this chip is made for much more than just handling day-to-day tasks. Two of the cores in the A11 Bionic processor are dedicated to neural engine and can process over 600 billion operations per second.

Therefore, you can seamlessly handle heavy tasks on your phone. Besides, the iPhone X also comes with performance management features designed to prevent unexpected shutdowns when the battery has degraded.


And with that, the iPhone X is still a great buy in 2024. Sure, most people might find the price tag a little bit too much despite the drop.

But if you consider your mobile communication as a major investment, then you should definitely go for this phone.

While Apple is no longer selling the iPhone X in its stores and website, there are still numerous other retailers who are happy to sell this phone to you.

So if you are thinking of getting an iPhone 10 for yourself as an early Christmas gift, going for a refurbished one would be a wise decision.


Looking for an iPhone X or other iPhone model?

The iPhone X can start at under $249 on Amazon!

iphone x iphone 10


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