How to Minimize the Adverse Impact of iOS 14 on Your Marketing Campaigns

Zynga’s shares plummeted as a result of higher customer acquisition costs as a result of Apple’s ATT change. Needless to say, iOS14 can be scary for marketers looking to adapt.

But there are solutions. Not to completely work around it but to, at least, reduce its negative impact.

Let’s take one example.

It’s specifically for mobile games advertisers, but it can suit almost every industry.

And with targeting capabilities becoming less reliable, most of the focus is on top of funnel campaigns (meaning good creatives will play a major role).

A quick backstory.

Quantic Foundry gathered data from 500,000 gamers and identified how their preferences cluster together. They identified 12 motivators that drive gamers, ranging from destruction and excitement to design and discovery. There are also of course those looking to make money.

Similarly, Facebook did the same in The Big Catch Playbook and identified 8 motivators for players, from self-expression to escapism.

The solution

Produce creatives inspired by these motivators.

For example, use creatives that highlight collecting items and leveling up to catch players motivated by achievement and completion.

For players motivated by narrative, hook them with creatives capturing the story progression for an individual character or rival pairings.

Your game plan

  1. Define what gamer motivations your game can best speak to.
  2. Make a set of different creatives driven by these motivators.
  3. Learn which motivators work best to capture new audiences with a broadly targeted campaign.
  4. Adapt your creatives based on the data you get and continue the iteration for better and better (and better) results.


Not all buyers get a product for the same reason. Explore the different levers that motivate your consumers to buy. Get granular. And create advertising assets according to each motivator.

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