How to Use Emojis in Your Marketing Campaign

These “digital hieroglyphs” are everywhere: in your DMs, in social media posts… and even in email subject lines.

But did you know that a strong emoji game can make your campaigns more engaging?

Adobe’s The Future of Creativity report published useful data on emojis, including insights you could easily apply to your marketing efforts.

Here’s when and how you can use emojis in your ads

#1 To make your message engaging

91% of US users agree that emojis make it easier to express themselves.

Another 73% say that emojis make a message friendlier, funnier, and “cooler.”

And 50% of users are more likely to respond to messages that contain emojis.

Talk about a simple way to make your audience responsive…

#2 To resonate with your audience

Semantics matter.

Different generations may use the same symbols to express different things, so make sure you use emojis only when you understand what they mean to a certain demographic.

By the way, most misunderstandings com from 🤠🍒🙃, so it’s best to avoid using them altogether.

Also, 💩😠, and 🍆 are considered unlikeable. Don’t use them if you want customers to like your brand.

#3 To strengthen customer relationships

88% of users are more likely to feel empathetic, and 75% are more likely to feel connected to messages containing emojis.

Using emojis properly in your ad copy can build brand loyalty and inspire those “good vibes” around your brand.

Interesting stuff, right?

Almost seems like not using emojis would be risky!

And if you don’t know where to start, you can always go with everyone’s top five favorite emojis: 😂👍❤🤣, and 😢. You don’t need much to make your campaigns pop!

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