How to Hire Actors for Your Social Media Ads

How to Hire Actors for Your Social Media Ads

Here’s a tip: If you want video content for your social media ads, you don’t always need to hire an expensive influencer.

You can achieve the same results by hiring an actor from popular freelance and gig platforms.

Why it’s smart

Many brands want influencer or customer-created content so they can repurpose the videos for their own social media advertising.

So they hire influencers to create content, then use that content for ads of their own.

But there’s no reason you can’t hire an actor for your social media ads instead

The process is easier, faster, and often cheaper.

And you don’t have to invent fire. Brands have been using actors in advertising for ages.

Truth is, most social proof video ads on social media don’t work because customers recognize the person in the video… They work because there is a person in the video.

Showing living, breathing humans makes your ads feel real.

The exception, of course, is when your audience members are already avid fans of an existing influencer.

In that case, there is a material difference between hiring an influencer and an actor for your social media ads.

But if audience recognition isn’t important, hire actors!

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