6 Easy Ways to Hide Your IP Address

There are many reasonsa person may need to hide the IP address. One of the main reasons is to download material without the desire to be tracked. Another reason is restrictions in certain geographical areas and censorship. Some governments block some websites in their areas, as is common in China and the Middle East. Many people also want to hide their IP address for more privacy and avoid the misuse of their personal information. So, many people feel hiding their IP address is the best solution to this. Many people prefer playing online casinos by hiding their IP address. People want to play live casino games through reliable casino sites and if it is not accessible in some countries, they can hide their IP address and start playing the casino.

In this article, we will discuss about certain ways by which you can hide your IP address so that you are not traced back.

1. Use of VPN

Using a VPN is the safest and the best way to hide your IP address while surfing the Internet. You will have to choose a VPN provider and then choose a country which you want to show. They will do the set up accordingly and that will help you to hide your real location. A very big advantage of browsing through a VPN is the high Internet speed. Like other methods of browsing, you will not have to worry about streaming or slow browsing speed or low connectivity.

The use of a VPN is very helpful when people want to get access to content on Netflix and other platforms. These sites can detect any user if anybody wants to bypass their restrictions and hence use of VPN is the best solution in this regard. By using a good VPN website, you can easily get access to those content and also download them properly. You will be surprised to know that airline companies charge different fares on different places based on the location. If you search the fares by hiding your actual location, you will be shocked to find that the same airline is offering cheaper prices in other locations. Another big advantage of using VPN is that they are very safe and if you choose a reputed service that uses security profile and advanced encryption, you are absolutely safe.

2. Proxy

If you want to see any website which is blocked in your country, then the easiest way is to have access the site is through a proxy server. This server is basically used when you are trying to see geo-blocked content. Though there are various negative aspects of using a proxy server, many people use it for free. First of all, it is not very secure and also quite slow. They are also not very good for torrenting as they will not be able to hide all the activities from the ISP.

There are two types of proxy servers available in the market – one is paid and the other one is free. Paid servers offer many features and the free ones come up with some basic features. People who do not need them regularly, prefer to use the free ones when they need them.

3. Masking IP using Tor

If you want to stay online remaining completely anonymous and totally free of cost, one solution to use a Tor. It consists of a big network of servers who operate together voluntarily around the globe. When you start using Tor, the traffic is routed through many of these network servers and gets encrypted many times, thus making it impossible for anybody to trace back your IP address.

Since it has to go through various encryptions, it has made the process very slow. Thus using Tor is not a preferred solution when you are streaming or downloading any content.  Developers advise not to use Tor for torrenting. They always advise using Tor in combination with a VPN to get the desired results. Some VPN network has its own set of features where the user is automatically connected to their Tor network.

4. Use of Public Wi-Fi

An IP address is always assigned by the Internet Service Provider. Hence if any user gets connected to the website through a different network, he gets a new one. If you want to make a fast and temporary change of your IP address, the best way is to either go to any cyber cafe or go to any place where public Wi-Fi is already available.

But one should be careful that public Wi-Fi is very much vulnerable to malware attacks, hackers, and all other types of security threats. So, you will have to be very careful while using your system in a public Wi-Fi network. Moreover, public Wi-Fi does not allow you to unblock geo-blocked content and hence it is more of a short-term solution than a long-term one.

5. Use of Mobile Network

If you are not interested in exposing your search to the threats of public Wi-Fi, you can change the IP address on a temporary basis by using the data on the mobile phone. The negative points of this system are that it can become a bit expensive if you want to download or stream a lot of content, and at the same time, it is not a permanent solution, but only a temporary one. Hence use of the mobile network is a very easy solution to get a new IP address, and that too, quite fast.

6. You can unplug the modem

Though this method may seem silly, if you unplug your modem for some time, it can help change your IP address. When you are disconnected from the ISP, the link with the present IP address is detached. You will have to keep the modem unplugged for a longer period of time and your work will be done. When it is plugged back in, you may receive a new IP address.


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