Email Welcome Flow Sequences: 4-Step Approach

As an online business, email continues to be the top ROI channel and one of the key parts of your overall marketing strategy. Your email welcome flow sequences are very important for people who make their way onto your list.

The first step is setting up subscription forms on your website to capture emails. You’ll need three types of forms:

  • Pop-ups.
  • Flyouts.
  • Embedded forms.

Conditions you can use to trigger pop-ups:

  • When a visitor is exiting.
  • After 10-30 seconds of page load. 
  • After scrolling 30%-50% down the page.

The longer they dwell on the site, the more likely they’ll be interested in giving you their email. Some may even trigger the pop-up after 4 seconds of page load time, but your conversion rate will be quite low and the UX won’t be great. You may annoy your readers. 

Email Welcome Sequence

Email #1:

Send this right after the user subscribes.

Content to focus on:

  • Welcome.
  • Brand introduction.
  • Thank you.
  • Discount code, if applicable.

Email #2:

Send this 1-2 days after the first message, only to people who don’t convert on the first email.

Content to focus on:

  • Brand story.
  • Unique quality standards.
  • Benefits of shopping with your company.

Email #3:

Send it 2-3 days after the previous message. Again, only to the ones that do haven’t converted yet.

Content to focus on:

  • Social proof: Reviews, testimonials, press, brand ambassadors content, endorsements.
  • Show popular products: Highlighting your popular product may help trigger users to convert.

Email #4:

Send it 2-3 days after the previous message. Again, only to ones that do not convert.

Content to focus on:

Community aspect: Get your audience engaged, and their chance of converting will increase.

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