How to Clean USB C Port

How to Clean USB C Port [Top Tips]

The USB C port is constantly exposed to lint, dust, lint, and other debris that can cause irreversible damage to your phone or hamper your charging performance.

Knowing how to clean a USB C port is therefore important for the health of your device.

In this article we discuss how to clean a USB C port.

Basics of How to Clean Computer of Phone Charging Port USB C

First, it is important to note that you should never use water or any other liquid to clean a USB C port. This could result in the buildup of minerals and corrosion.

Instead, you can use a can of compressed air to blast away any dirt or debris that may be present in the port. Simply point the can at the port and give it a few short bursts.

If there is still dirt or debris present, you can try using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Gently insert the swab into the port and twist it around to remove any build-up.

Once you have cleaned the port, be sure to dry it off completely with a lint-free cloth before plugging anything into it.

With these simple tips, you can keep your USB C port clean and free of debris that could cause damage.

USB C port cleaner

There are a couple main products for a USB-C port cleaner.

Canned air

A product like Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas (152a) Disposable Cleaning Duster, 1, Count, 3.5 oz Can (DPSJB) comes cheap and has around 60,000 reviews on Amazon.

Canless air duster

Alternatively, a product like SIN SHINE – Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster for Cleaning Dust, Hairs, Crumbs, Scraps for Laptop, Computer, Replaces Compressed Air Cans is another popular option.

Compressed air is better than your mouth. When you blow with your mouth you release moisture.

How to Keep Your Port Clean In the Future

The best way to keep your USB C port clean is to use a port cover.

A product like JOTO Universal Rubber Dust Cap Cover provides great coverage and keeps dirt and debris from getting into the charging port.

You can also try a magnetic charging cable where you leave a magnet in your phone’s USB-C port.

Then when it’s time to charge, you just connect the magnet to a cable. Given the USB-C port is covered by the magnet, it won’t fill with lint, dirt, or grime.

How To Clean A USB-C Port

With these simple tips, you can keep your USB C port clean and free of debris that could cause damage.

Follow these steps and you’ll ensure optimal charging performance and longevity from your device.

Cleaning USB-C charging port under the microscope

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