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Celebrity Marketing DTC: How to Use Influencers for DTC Campaigns

A common tactic for brands who go from $10 million in sales toward $100 million-plus in sales in a year seems to be a big celebrity marketing campaign. Using celebrities and influencers for DTC campaigns is becoming more and more popular.

If you are at that stage (or aiming for it), here are a few things you should know:

The traffic the celebrity sends will not give you a positive ROI

When the celebrity makes a post on their social media channel (Instagram or elsewhere), the traffic they send will almost certainly not make up for the cost you pay them.

It will be very expensive.

Plan with that in mind.

You will, however, have the ability to convert a lot of that traffic into leads, which you can later turn into sales and keep selling to them over and over again to achieve your ROI over time.

Some influencers want cash payment; some want a percentage of each sale; some want equity in your company. Some want a combination and that’s up for negotiation.

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Make sure you have the right to use their creatives for as long as possible

You will probably create a wide variety of videos and images.

Make sure you have the rights to use these for a long time, hopefully in perpetuity. Both for organic and for paid ads.

Get an actual endorsement from them

One important asset in such a campaign is to get a clear endorsement from the celebrity.

Don’t have them just be the actor in a skit, make sure they outright say “I love this product, you should check it out” in some way.

Make sure they have the right audience

A more obvious one but please make sure the celebrity you are planning to work with is a good fit for your product.

Imagine how cool it would look if Cristiano Ronaldo advertised McDonald’s – or Coca Cola ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

With these 4 points in mind, you are starting off on the right track.

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