What Makes Certain Casino Slots More Popular Than Others?

The world of casino slots has changed dramatically in recent years, with a huge number of games now available from diverse providers. With so many different slots to choose from, it’s worth considering why some of them have proved to be much more popular than others.

A Theme That Appeals to a Lot of Players

When we look at the example of the slots lists at Paddy Power Casino, it’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into creating a mixture of themes as wide as possible. The list of the site’s most popular games includes several based on fishing, while the trending section has wild animals, Irish adventures and classic fruit machine games. New titles with a combination of fantasy themes, the jungle and popular movies show that this range of themes is going to continue growing.

Since online slots can be based on virtually any images and settings, it makes sense for developers to base their newest games on themes that appeal to a lot of people. The recent trend for fishing slots, such as those in the Big Bass and Fishin’ Frenzy series, proves the point. With close to a million people fishing regularly in the UK according to the Canal & River Trust, it’s an activity most people are aware of and many enjoy. Equally, the success of fantasy TV series like Game of Thrones – still one of the world’s most-watched TV shows – may help to explain why so many slots are based on images of dragons, castles, and warriors.  

The Right Mixture of Features 

The next ingredient that helps to make slots successful is their list of features. Free spins and wilds that act like jokers are commonplace in these games, giving players an extra chance to win while varying the gameplay.

Bonus features that relate to the theme add an extra appeal. This can be seen in the example of those slots based on fishing trips, as bonus rounds sometimes include sections such as where an angler catches fish with cash values on them to give additional prizes. Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Megaways is one of a series of games based on this popular game show that includes elements that viewers will be familiar with.   

A Highly Recognisable Name 

That last example of the Deal or No Deal slot also helps to show how a highly recognisable brand name can help a game reach a wider audience. This is often done by building themed slots around popular movies and TV shows, such as the Gladiator Cash Collect game that include symbols of the movie’s main characters. With the Gladiator 2 sequel in the news just now, this game has become more relevant to modern audiences. 

With slots now such an established part of the entertainment industry, game franchises like Age of the Gods and The Dog House have become highly recognisable brands in their own right. This means that developers can confidently introduce new versions with some modifications such as different images and features.    

All of these points let us see how some slots have managed to achieve massive popularity. However, since this is a fast-moving industry the developers are constantly looking for creative new approaches that give them the next big hits.

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