Canada Welcomes Sports betting, while Other Countries Put Checks on It

Sports betting have remained a controversial topic around the world. Most countries had an unfavorable stance against wagering on sporting events till now. However, changing times have created a transformation in perceptions. Many jurisdictions are opening up to gambling and looking to regulate the activity. Canada is following on the heels of the US and the UK to open its doors to betting companies. Citizens now wager on legit bookmakers Canada and stay away from shady sportsbooks. 

However, other countries are cracking down on the activity and introducing several checks. What does the future hold for gamblers looking to try their luck on football or rugby?

Let’s discover more on the topic.

The Boom of Sports Betting in Canada

Ontario became the first province in Canada to give a nod to sports betting in April last year. It allowed the international gambling giants to step into the country with their offerings. 

Citizens found themselves surrounded by betting ads on TV and billboards. Several celebrities like Wayne Gretzky and Aaron Paul started endorsing products and wagering platforms during ad breaks. Canadians could bet on their favorite sports for the first time. Needless to say, people loved the opportunity and took to bookmaker websites to place their bets. 

The activity became so popular that Canada betting generated $162 million in the first quarter after regulation. However, the regulators haven’t given a free hand to gambling companies. They want every platform to abide by the principles of responsible gambling. Moreover, provinces are in control of introducing rules to guide the industry. 

The federal government is only responsible for drafting the legislation. Provinces are to encourage providers to encourage gamblers to bet safely. Half of their ads should promote responsible behaviors among gamblers. However, the regulators will not intervene or tell companies how to do their job. 

Fortunately, technology has made it simpler to enjoy your hobby in a responsible manner. Gambling apps and websites come with self-exclusion features to avoid developing issues like addiction. For example, gamblers may:

  • Put a limit on their deposits
  • Set hours to spend on the website 
  • Deactivate their accounts temporarily

However, it is possible to join another website and participate in Canada betting. The country is looking to generate awareness and profit from the gambling industry. Provinces will have to take a significant role in regulating the market to promote responsible gambling. 

Moreover, there is need for better legislation, says expert author Kate Richardson. You may know more about her here

How Other Countries Regulate Sports Betting

Britain made betting on sporting events legal some time back. However, the market is highly regulated to protect the interest of the gamblers. Some regulations may seem a bit harsh and hinder the growth of the industry.

For example, gambling companies cannot accept credit cards for payments. It ensures gamblers don’t run up huge debts by spending more than they can afford. Moreover, the country doesn’t allow ads to appear during breaks before its 9 pm. There are several checks on how a gambling provider can market their services. 

Other countries like Italy and Spain walked on the same path. They don’t allow any gambling ads to air on television. Soon, more nations may join the list of countries to crack down on sports betting. The Netherlands and Belgium may put checks on ads in the coming days. 

Countries that handle gambling strictly have several reasons behind their action. Some gamblers develop addiction and end up hurting themselves and their families. 

The USA took a favorable stance to the activity in the past. However, the calls to addiction helpline numbers increased by many times. It raised concern that the industry can have negative effects on the population. However, statistics show very few people become addicted to sports betting. Therefore, generating awareness and promoting safe behavior can help avoid negative consequences. 

A few people don’t like the idea of placing bets on sports. They feel it takes away the charm of the game and makes wagering seem a natural part. 

Final Thoughts

Wagering on sports boosts the fun and excitement of being a fan. It rests solely on the individual how they may act to the opportunity. Regulators should put safeguards and create standards to let the industry flourish, like in Canada. Putting checks or banning the activity is going to kill the industry and ruin the opportunity to enjoy its awesome profits. 

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