Board Games Popular In UK Right Now

Board games are excellent for passing the time and bring your family and friends closer. If other activities like playing outside, watching television, and eating meals can bring people together, board games can foster social connection while boosting enjoyment.

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1. Scythe

Scythe is a civilization-building board game that sets five fallen leaders in a quest to conquer Eastern Europe in an alternate 1920s scenario where huge war machines roam the fields. In this resource-allocation game, you can take on the task of one of five factions, each with a unique set of talents and goals.

Players can win by having the most money after the game, which may be accomplished by various objectives such as controlling resources and even their popularity among the general public. It’s a game with a lot of depth and interlacing techniques, but it’s easier to understand.

2. Catan

Catan is a board game that can take us to the era of explorers, with players tasked with settling an uninhabited island before their opponents. Players must use their wits to take over the island by swapping and exchanging resources for settlements and bonus cards. Each player begins with a set of resources based on their territory’s location. Players must aim to dominate the board to win the game.

Catan’s rules are simple and quick to understand, making them suited for adults and older children. Numerous expansion packs let more people join and keep the game fresh by introducing new worlds and resources.

3. Disney Villainous

This strategic board game allows players to play as their favorite Disney villains, such as Captain Hook, Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Queen of Hearts, or Prince John. In Villainous. Each player manages one of Disney’s most renowned villains as they struggle to fulfill their kingdom’s goals. 

Each villain has their objectives for winning the game, but a shared fate deck influences them all. This game might seem complex, but it features high-quality details and a variety of play styles for each playthrough.

4. Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a classic German board game style where you must lay tiles as you create routes, castles, and rivers to score points and move around the board. And once you have placed the tiles, you may put the Meeple followers or your little wooden characters on each tile to earn a point. Certain pieces are worth more than others, and if you’re lucky enough, you can earn bigger points using that.

This board game is quick to play and a simple yet fun game. Aside from its realistic design, it has numerous expansion packs that you can use to add layers or difficulty to the base game. 

5. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is more of a relaxed board game suitable for playing with your family since it is good for all ages. It may sound so easy to play since it’s just a railway theme, but it is a train adventure where players need to use their strategic thinking to connect the cities. 

That allows every player to balance being family-friendly without losing any tactical strength. And that is what makes this Ticket to Ride one of the best board games.

Double The Fun With These Popular Board Games!

One of the best aspects of playing board games is that there are no pressures or restrictions involved since you can play board games at any time and place. And with the diversity of board games available, there will always be an opportunity to play something that interests you while interacting with like-minded people.

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