How Does Blogging Help Businesses to Build Their Brands?

In a crowded market, businesses need to use every tool available to ensure that their potential customers are hearing and taking onboard their message. However, in today’s climate, with social media providing closer connections than in the past, consumers are not interested in a sales pitch. Building relationships with customers by engaging and educating can set a business apart from its competitors and nurture interest in products and services.

Putting this into practice is not as straightforward as it seems. It is essential to nurture a company’s online presence and keep it at the forefront of consumers’ consciousness, whilst avoiding an overtly promotional angle. The concept may seem daunting for companies who have not previously explored this avenue, but publishing a well-thought out, regular blog can be very powerful.

Why Do Consumers Read Online Blogs?

With a vast amount of choice out there for most products and services, consumers want to make sure that they are making the right decision when they part with their money. There are many ways they can do that; by reading reviews on trusted sites, looking at a brand’s social media and its interaction with customers or reading informative blogs which propose solutions to pain points.

People also read blog posts to learn something new or to find out more about current industry trends. The internet is now the first port of call for instructional, how-to guides to learn new skills or understand how processes work.

Putting Blogging Into Practice

Finding a way to connect with consumers without feeding them a sales pitch is an art. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially for those that aren’t particularly internet-savvy and need advice on topics such as domain names, IP addresses and hosting companies. Businesses should take it back to basics and ask themselves the question; what does our target audience want?

Blog posts that provide consumers with information and step-by-step guides are by far the most popular. Those companies which harness this potential by educating readers on topics related to their products and services can raise awareness of their brand. In addition, blog posts such as these reassure readers that a company has expert knowledge and can be trusted.

A home improvement company, for example, can connect with its audience by offering educational posts on how to tile a bathroom or decorate tricky areas, such as stairs or landings. Online gaming sites can provide advice on refining poker skills or instructions on how to play slots online for real money rewards. By providing information on their promotions or bonuses, online gaming platforms can attract more visitors to their products. Blogging will allow these platforms to expand more on their slot game offerings and educate their audience on innovative titles like Arctic Wonders, Animal Wilds, and 7 Lucky Dwarfs.

In today’s climate, consumers also appreciate being entertained. Striking a chord with a target audience by inserting some levity creates more of a human touch.

The Benefits for Companies With Successful Blogs

Businesses who strike the right balance with their blogs will see engagement and sales increased in a myriad of ways.

It increases online traffic

If blog posts are well formatted for SEO, they will attract new readers. More visitors to a company’s website translates to more clicks on the calls to action, more subscribers to an email newsletter and more enquiries. Furthermore, more web traffic ensures that a website will go higher up the search engine rankings.

It sets a company apart from its competitors and builds trust

Readers who believe that a company has a passion for the products and services it provides are more likely to part with their money. A trustworthy company that cares about educating its audience instills confidence and establishes itself as an honest brand for customers to do business with.

It increases exposure on other platforms

Keeping a brand at the forefront of public consciousness is a process that should take place on various platforms. Social media is a great way of connecting with consumers and building brand awareness, and using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote blog posts will also send more traffic to the company’s website.

Regular, informative blog posts generate backlinks

SEO is not an easy process to master and other search engines are not to be fooled by tricks such as keyword stuffing. If blog posts are well written and educational, they are likely to attract links from other websites, which is another driving factor in search engine rankings. Backlinks signal to search engines that a particular company is reputable.

It helps to collect leads

Lead generation is crucial for companies wishing to continue to grow. When website visitors subscribe to a blog and provide their email address, it can also be used to send them promotional material or email newsletters for tips and advice. This can help to convert browsers into paying customers.

Establishing a regular blog can be a time-consuming process but it is well worth it. As so much of our lives are conducted on digital platforms, the businesses who embrace this trend can connect with their target audience on a human level and foster trust. A successful blog attracts new interest and cements relationships with existing customers, thereby increasing sales and exposure.

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