Why Live Blackjack is one of the Most Popular Online Casino Games

Blackjack is to casinos what football is to sportsbooks—a staple product. You can’t visit a casino and not find blackjack unless the company only features slots or poker. It’s the card game for gifted mathematicians, high rollers, and professionals.

In the online space, blackjack is offered in two ways—RNG versus live blackjack. The former option lets you play the card game with a computer. The second option allows you to cherish blackjack with human players. Naturally, most people like the second option for some of these reasons.

1—You Stay in Charge

The rules of blackjack remain the same whether you play the game against a computer or a human player. The objective is to produce a hand of twenty-one. At live blackjack, these rules also apply. You’re in charge of all decisions unlike in slots or roulette, where you’re more or less a spectator.

You can hit, stand, double down or take insurance. You win or lose depending on your moves and luck. But this is what makes blackjack an exciting game. Unlike RNG blackjack, live blackjack also ensures you play according to the decisions made by a human dealer and not a computer.

For many people, playing with a human dealer makes the game more exciting. It feels more social as you can talk and interact with the casino employee. More importantly, you can also exploit their weaknesses, something that’s nearly impossible to do on a secure computer.

2—Strategies are more Effective

Want to improve your winning percentage in blackjack? The best solution is to use strategies consistently. Many experts recommend the basic blackjack strategy. It’s legal to use at many casinos and you can even carry a cheat sheet into casinos.

Basic blackjack provides a comprehensive list of moves to make while playing blackjack. The moves are more effective when playing the game with a human dealer—AKA live blackjack. You can also use it on RNG blackjack. But software programs shuffle cards too often and can be rigged, making your strategies ineffective.

Basic blackjack strategy aside, you can also use other systems like the Martingale, progressive and shuffle-tracking techniques. Some of them don’t work, unfortunately. But the basic blackjack strategy is tried and tested, which is why some experts believe it’s the only strategy you need to know about.

3—Lots of Blackjack Types

RNG Blackjack is great, but it’s mainly offered through classic blackjack. On the flip side, live casinos provide numerous options for live blackjack. You can play popular variants like Vegas Strip, Blackjack Switch, Atlantic City, Spanish 21, progressive blackjack, and Pontoon.

The specific types of blackjack you get vary from one casino to another. Some operators provide a small variety of live blackjack types. Others are more invested in the game. These top live blackjack sites are heavily invested in the game, meaning they offer lots of blackjack variants. What’s more, they give you bonuses so that you can test different games without having to spend your cash balance.

While choosing a blackjack casino, ensure it’s mobile-friendly and has a great reputation. Mobile gaming is inevitable if you own an iPhone or smart android device. On the other hand, you want a reputable casino to get security guarantee, good bonuses, and quick payouts.

4—You Can Lower the House Edge

Like many casino games, blackjack carries a pre-determined house edge. It’s a low house advantage of 1% to 2%. For the uninitiated, blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games, lower than roulette, slots, baccarat, and some video poker games.

A low house edge gives you an incredible chance to win. And you get a chance to reduce it, you up your prospects of beating the house. Live blackjack not only features a low house advantage but it also allows you to reduce this advantage.

The first technique for reducing house advantage is to use basic blackjack strategy. It takes time to memorize all the moves you must make. But it’s like running how to ride a bicycle. Learn it once and you can never forget.

The second trick is to use bonuses. They are like free money that can help you play several hands without incurring losses. Essentially, they also reduce the casino’s house advantage, which is the main goal of every player.

5—Games have Flexible Limits

Because casinos design live blackjack to attract all sorts of players, they have games with varying limits and payout rates. Beginners can join tables that accept small $5 bets per games. People with a bigger budget can play blackjack from $20 while high rollers can find games that support up to $200 per had.

In other words, live blackjack isn’t an exclusive club for the rich. It’s a place where everyone who fancies Classic 21 can place a bet regardless of how little or huge their budgets are. Usually, the best tables to join at new casinos are the low-limit tables. Afterwards, you can work your way up the ladder.

When it comes to limits, the amount you win certainly depends on your bet size. However, many casinos have limits high rollers don’t always find favorable. If you spend thousands of dollars on casino games regularly, ensure you join a site with huge limits.

6—You can Win Often

Winning often at casinos is easier said than done. Many games are based on pure chance. And if they have a huge house edge, then the chance of winning is even lower. Blackjack is also a game of chance, which is why it’s hard to make consistent profits.

That said, the fact that you can use strategies and systems at blackjack ensures you can win consistently. Some people have won millions playing blackjack at casinos before, meaning it can be done. All you need is to find the right blackjack game for you.

Then you need to grasp the rules of basic blackjack or another effective system. Use it consistently and you could also beat the house in blackjack.

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