How Big Brands Approach Their Retargeting Ads [Airbnb, Monday, Nespresso]

There’s a common belief that people hate retargeting ads.

In reality, they hate poorly-made ads.

And the ROAS on your retargeting campaigns might be proof.

In this article, we share a few tips on how to make your retargeting ads more personalized, less invasive, and most importantly, more profitable.

Personalize your message

You have probably seen Monday ads at least once in your life.

They’ve been everywhere at one point or another, including NYC subway terminals.

For example, one of Monday’s ads targeting real estate agents has three keywords (Portfolio management, Property listings, Property pipeline) that make you instantly understand who the ad is targeting.

And the image shows prospects what the platform looks like when it’s in action.

By personalizing dynamic Facebook Ads specific to real estate, Monday increased conversion rates by 50%.

Always on

The goal of Nespresso was to create an “always-on” tool that delivered personalized messaging via Google Display Ads to users that visited their website.

However, this would have meant creating 200-300 creative assets.

The solution?

They developed a design template that includes dynamic elements which can be changed using an HTML structure. The logo type, images, claim, and CTA change according to the visitor.

The dynamic ads were even customized based on the action taken by the user on the website, like “page viewed” or “added product to cart”.

This move increased the conversion rate of Nespresso by 57%.

And while this strategy may be beyond your capabilities, Nespresso’s campaign emphasizes the importance of tailoring your retargeting ads based on users’ behavior and needs.

Go global

When Airbnb started using dynamic display ads for retargeting a global customer base, they reported a 3X increase in return on ad spend and a 47% lowered CPA.

They capitalize on the search intent of users by retargeting folks whose search behavior showed they are planning their next trip.

The copy speaks to prospects specific concerns or interests: “Traveling to Paris this summer? Find an Airbnb with air conditioning.”

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