The Best Safer Gambling Tools At Online Casinos

Although playing at online casinos can be incredibly fun, it can be easy to develop gambling-related harm from chasing losses and playing for too long. Thankfully, online casinos in the UK are required to protect players, and they do so by providing safer gambling tools, but what are they, how do they work, and what are the best tools to use?

Deposit & Loss Limitations

Most online casinos in the UK now allow customers to impose deposit limitations on their accounts. Generally speaking, the websites that offer this tool will allow you to select a maximum deposit limit for a rolling period, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

Once you meet your deposit limit, you will be barred from making any more deposits to your account until the current period is over. This tool is a great way of limiting how much you spend on gambling over a select period of time and generally monitoring your overall gambling behavior.

Similar to the way deposit limitations work, some online casinos in the United Kingdom also allow you to impose loss limitations which keep track of how much you lose when gambling and stop you from playing anymore once you’ve crossed the threshold. Again, you will have to select your preferred rolling period from daily, weekly or monthly.

Time Outs

A few online casinos also give you the ability to impose time out limits. This tool allows you to set a limit on how many minutes or hours you can play for in a single session before you’re interrupted. When you’re interrupted, you will be given a warning from the casino, allowing you to take a step back from playing. Like with the above limitations, time outs are a great way of managing how much time you spend gambling and can help you control your overall behavior.

Lock Withdrawals

Depending on the payment method you use, withdrawals at online casinos take several days to process and complete, making waiting for a withdrawal incredibly frustrating. Most online casinos in the UK allow users to reverse withdrawals to gain their winnings back, but this can sometimes be for the worse.

Fortunately, several online casinos are now using lock withdrawal tools that allow you to lock your withdrawal once requesting it. Doing so will prevent you or the casino’s customer support from reversing it and forcing you to wait for it to reach your account. This helps clamp down on gambling addiction.


Finally, all online casinos in the UK are required to sign up with GAMSTOP, a self-exclusion scheme that allows you to self-exclude from all gambling websites via a single request. This is one of the best safer gambling tools and allows anyone who believes they’re at risk to stop gambling. Self-exclusions are also completely reversible should you ever want to gamble again.

There are numerous other safe gambling tools available at online casinos, all of which help you remain in control of your gambling behavior. The tools we’ve listed here are some of the best, but we highly suggest you try each of them out, even if you believe you’re not at risk. Gambling should always stay fun, and these tools can help prevent problems.



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