5 Best Online Games for Adventure Enthusiasts

A lot of the most popular online games are all about fast-paced action, brief matches, and excellent hand-eye coordination.

This is all well and good if you enjoy the experiences offered by Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Apex Legends, but if you are looking for a less frenetic and more adventure-oriented game, you will need to broaden your search.

Thankfully there are plenty of online games for adventure enthusiasts to consider playing, so here are just a few of the top options right now.

World of Warcraft Classic

The games industry is mature enough at this point for properties from the past to be resurrected for new audiences, and World of Warcraft is one of the latest titles to receive a revival, with the Classic version turning back the clock and allowing people to experience what this epoch-defining MMORPG had to offer in its early days.

You can still pick up the latest version of WoW instead if you wish, but there is no question that the player base has embraced WoW Classic with open arms, especially with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion.

Book of Dead

If you do not have the time or inclination to delve into an MMORPG, then adventure-themed slots might be more your speed. With the Book of Dead slot, you get an exceptionally attractive, intricately designed game from respected developer Play’n Go, offering a theme inspired by Ancient Egypt and boasting a high RTP of over 94%.

On the reels you’ll find symbols representing various iconic gods and pharaohs, as well as modern adventurers who are clearly intent on looting the hidden tombs they discover. It is no surprise that this adventurous theme is one of the most common in the world of online slots.

Dark Souls 3

If you prefer your online adventures to be more cryptic in their storytelling, and challenging in terms of difficulty, then diving into the third and final installment of the Dark Souls franchise is definitely worthwhile.

It is of course entirely possible to play the game solo without taking advantage of any of the web-enabled features, but it is far more fun to summon other players to assist you as you tackle daunting bosses, and also to run the risk of having your game world invaded by those who are intent on causing mischief, adding an extra layer of fun and frustration to DS3.


Based on the lore of WoW, Hearthstone is a digital card game that lets you build a collection, create your own decks and face off against real players from around the world in turn-based matches.

With an easy to use interface, vibrant visuals and excellent mobile versions for modern smartphones in addition to the desktop variant, Hearthstone is one of the most accessible online games around, and also benefits from having lots of single-player content as well, including fully featured adventures that mix up the rules and keep things fresh.


If you are interested in playing an online game that has endless opportunities for adventure, then Minecraft should be at the top of your wish list. With its procedurally generated landscapes, every world you explore can be completely unique, and you can reshape it as you see fit, either attempting to survive the perils on your own or with others in online play.

For those who just want to build, Minecraft also offers a creative mode that gives you the freedom to make whatever you can dream up, and then share your creation with others. So as you can see, there are online adventure games for players with different preferences.

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