15+ Best Movies About the Supernatural (List)

The supernatural genre has always captivated audiences with its ability to transport us into a world beyond our own.

From ghosts and demons to witches and vampires, these movies explore the unknown and challenge our understanding of reality.

Here is a list of 15 popular movies that delve into the realm of the supernatural:

  1. The Exorcist (1973) – A horror film that follows the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl and her mother’s attempts to win her back through an exorcism conducted by two priests.
  2. Poltergeist (1982) – A film that explores a family’s haunting experiences in their home, which is built on a burial ground.
  3. The Sixth Sense (1999) – A psychological thriller that follows a young boy who can see and communicate with the dead.
  4. The Conjuring (2013) – A horror film based on the real-life investigations of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.
  5. Insidious (2010) – A horror film that explores the concept of astral projection and the supernatural entities encountered in the astral plane.
  6. The Others (2001) – A psychological horror film that follows a woman and her two photosensitive children who become convinced that their home is haunted.
  7. Paranormal Activity (2007) – A found footage horror film that documents a couple’s experiences with a supernatural presence in their home.
  8. The Ring (2002) – A horror film about a cursed videotape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later.
  9. Sinister (2012) – A horror film that follows a true-crime writer who discovers a box of home movies depicting various murders, leading to supernatural occurrences.
  10. Hereditary (2018) – A horror film that explores themes of witchcraft, demons, and the supernatural within a family setting.
  11. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – A slasher film where a group of teenagers are terrorized by Freddy Krueger, a spirit who attacks them in their dreams.
  12. The Shining (1980) – A psychological horror film that follows a family staying in an isolated hotel with a violent past, leading to supernatural occurrences.
  13. Ghost (1990) – A romantic fantasy thriller film that follows a man who, after being killed, returns as a ghost to protect his love.
  14. The Witch (2015) – A horror film set in the 1630s that follows a Puritan family encountering forces of evil in the woods beyond their New England farm.
  15. It (2017) – A horror film based on Stephen King’s novel, where a group of children are terrorized by a supernatural entity that takes the form of a clown.

Below we look into the best movies about the supernatural, examining their impact on popular culture and why they continue to resonate with audiences.

The Exorcist (1973)

One of the most iconic supernatural movies of all time, “The Exorcist” remains a benchmark for the genre.

Directed by William Friedkin, this film tells the chilling story of a young girl possessed by a demonic entity and the desperate attempts to save her soul.

With its groundbreaking special effects and intense performances, “The Exorcist” set a new standard for horror films and solidified its place in cinematic history.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense” took the world by storm upon its release, leaving audiences in awe of its twist ending.

The film follows a young boy who can communicate with the dead and a child psychologist who tries to help him.

With its atmospheric storytelling and memorable performances by Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, “The Sixth Sense” became an instant classic and redefined the supernatural thriller genre.

Poltergeist (1982)

Directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg, “Poltergeist” is a supernatural horror film that explores the haunting of a suburban family’s home.

The movie combines elements of suspense, horror, and family drama to create a truly terrifying experience.

With its memorable scenes, such as the infamous clown doll and the iconic line “They’re here,” “Poltergeist” has become a staple of the genre.

The Conjuring (2013)

Based on real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, “The Conjuring” follows the couple as they help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.

Directed by James Wan, this film revitalized the supernatural horror genre with its expertly crafted scares and compelling storytelling.

Its success led to a franchise that includes several spin-offs and sequels, solidifying its place as one of the best supernatural movies of recent years.

Get Out (2017)

While not a traditional supernatural movie, Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” incorporates elements of the supernatural to explore themes of racism and social commentary.

The film follows a young African American man who visits his white girlfriend’s family, only to discover a sinister secret.

With its thought-provoking storyline and clever twists, “Get Out” received critical acclaim and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Hereditary (2018)

“Hereditary” is a psychological horror film that delves into the supernatural through a family’s dark secrets.

Directed by Ari Aster, this movie explores themes of grief, trauma, and the occult.

With its haunting visuals and powerful performances, particularly by Toni Collette, “Hereditary” has been praised for its ability to unsettle and disturb audiences.

The Witch (2015)

Set in 17th-century New England, “The Witch” follows a family as they face supernatural forces after being banished from their community.

Directed by Robert Eggers, this film is known for its atmospheric tension and historical accuracy.

By immersing viewers in the superstitions and religious fervor of the time, “The Witch” creates a sense of unease that lingers long after the credits roll.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Shot on a shoestring budget, “Paranormal Activity” became a surprise hit and spawned a successful franchise.

The film follows a young couple who set up cameras in their home to document the supernatural occurrences they experience.

Through its found-footage style, “Paranormal Activity” creates a sense of realism that amplifies the scares.

Its success paved the way for other found-footage horror films and demonstrated the power of simplicity in storytelling.

FAQs – Best Movies About the Supernatural

1. What makes a movie about the supernatural compelling?

A movie about the supernatural becomes compelling when it effectively combines elements of suspense, horror, and storytelling.

Engaging characters, a well-crafted plot, and immersive visuals all contribute to creating a captivating experience for the audience.

2. Are supernatural movies based on real events?

While some supernatural movies claim to be based on real events, it is important to remember that they are works of fiction.

However, many supernatural movies draw inspiration from folklore, urban legends, and paranormal experiences reported by individuals.

3. Why do supernatural movies continue to resonate with audiences?

Supernatural movies tap into our fascination with the unknown and our desire to explore the mysteries of the world.

They allow us to experience fear and excitement in a controlled environment, providing an adrenaline rush and a sense of escapism.

4. What are some other notable supernatural movies?

Some other notable supernatural movies include “The Shining,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Blair Witch Project,” and “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Each of these films offers a unique take on the supernatural genre and has made a significant impact on popular culture.

5. Can supernatural movies have deeper meanings?

Yes, supernatural movies can often have deeper meanings and explore themes beyond the supernatural itself.

They can serve as allegories for real-world issues, such as social commentary, psychological exploration, or cultural critiques.

6. Are there any supernatural movies suitable for children?

While many supernatural movies are geared towards adult audiences due to their intense themes and scares, there are also supernatural movies suitable for children.

Examples include “Casper,” “ParaNorman,” and “Coraline,” which offer a more lighthearted take on the genre.

7. What role does sound design play in supernatural movies?

Sound design plays a crucial role in creating a sense of atmosphere and tension in supernatural movies.

Eerie sound effects, unsettling music, and strategically placed silence can all enhance the viewer’s experience and heighten the scares.

8. Are there any supernatural movies that have won awards?

Yes, several supernatural movies have received critical acclaim and won prestigious awards.

For example, “The Exorcist” won two Academy Awards, “Get Out” won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and “Hereditary” received numerous accolades for its performances and direction.

9. Can supernatural movies be considered art?

Yes, supernatural movies can be considered art.

Like any other form of storytelling, they have the ability to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and challenge our perceptions of reality.

Many supernatural movies have been praised for their artistic merits and their ability to transcend the boundaries of genre.

10. Are there any upcoming supernatural movies to look forward to?

Yes, there are always new supernatural movies in development. Some highly anticipated upcoming releases include “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” “A Quiet Place Part II,” and “Candyman.”

These movies promise to continue pushing the boundaries of the supernatural genre and delivering thrilling experiences for audiences.

Summary – Best Movies About the Supernatural

The best movies about the supernatural have the ability to transport us into a world beyond our own, challenging our understanding of reality and exploring the unknown.

From classics like “The Exorcist” and “Poltergeist” to more recent hits like “The Conjuring” and “Hereditary,” these films have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Whether through groundbreaking special effects, thought-provoking storytelling, or atmospheric tension, these movies continue to captivate audiences and redefine the supernatural genre.


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