9 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

The right Chrome extensions can give you a big boost in productivity. But most people don’t max out their potential.

Below are 9 free Chrome extensions for productivity that you can probably use to get more out of your Chrome experience:


SimilarWeb Ever wondered how much traffic a website gets? Either because you’re an internet marketer, SEO specialist, or just out of curiosity?

SimilarWeb tells you the ranking, traffic, monthly visits and so much more.

It is an estimate and it’s not always accurate. But it does a pretty good job of getting at the trends in recent traffic and approximating the relative level.

You can also get the breakdown by country and by type of traffic (search, social, direct, email, etc.)

Honey and/or Rakuten

If you shop online, Honey or Rakuten is a good bet.

It automatically finds discounts and codes to help you save money.


Sometimes email isn’t a perfect way of communicating but neither is coordinating for a live chat on Zoom or by phone.

Loom is great to help sync up your communication in an efficient way.

Just share your screen and start speaking.

Faster than email and faster than meeting live.

Video Speed Controller

YouTube lets you do 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x.

But it doesn’t let you do something more customized like 0.8x or 3.0x.

Speed up or slow down in a way that might be better for your needs.


Immediately see the top tweets from any Twitter profile.

And without doomscrolling and letting Twitter be too much of a time sink.

If you’re looking to build your Twitter audience, responding quickly to top tweets can be a huge boost to your visibility and following.


Flexible webpage screenshots.

Capture page elements and entire websites.

It’s much more interesting when you try it.


You’re probably like many. 70 tabs open on Chrome.

Multi-tasking like crazy (or maybe keeping random tabs open that you’ll realize you don’t need a month from now).

Keeping open dozens of tabs can also clog the memory on your computer and lead to crashing and productivity losses.

OneTab works by bringing all your tabs into a single page.

Never see that rainbow wheel again.

Minimal Twitter

Many dislike the “Explore” section on Twitter.

It’s usually filled with news, vacuous political stuff, and random whatever found in your location.

The “Minimal Twitter” Chrome extension will help remove Explore.

Your Twitter experience should be much better.


This might be one you’ve heard of, as it’s one of the most popular extensions out there.

Grammarly corrects a lot of my writing mistakes and has made editing a lot faster and easier.

It’s not perfect and you’ll see that you can override some of its suggestions, but it’s excellent overall.


These extensions should provide a great boost to your productivity:

  • SimilarWeb
  • Honey and/or Rakuten
  • Loom
  • Video Speed Controller
  • Twemex
  • FullPageScreenShot
  • OneTab
  • Minimal Twitter
  • Grammarly

The Chrome extension ecosystem has been key to Chrome’s dominant market share across all platforms. They provide a lot of value. Chrome now takes up approximately two-thirds of all browser share.

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