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How Published Authors Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Publishers can significantly increase the value of an individual book by employing various strategies that expand its reach, lifespan, and revenue potential.

We’ll take a look at how published authors increase their AOV.

How Published Authors Increase Average Order Value (AOV)

Here are some effective methods:

Creating a Series

If the book has potential for a broader narrative, developing it into a series can attract a dedicated readership and ensure a steady income stream.

Series encourage readers to invest more in the characters and world, leading to increased sales of backlist titles as new readers discover the series.

Content Repurposing

  • Audiobooks: Converting the book into an audiobook format can tap into the growing audiobook market, reaching audiences who prefer listening to content.
  • eBooks and Print Editions: Ensuring the book is available in all possible formats (hardcover, paperback, eBook) maximizes its accessibility and sales potential.
  • Serialized Content: Releasing the book as serialized content through platforms like Kindle Vella or Wattpad can build anticipation and engagement.

Special Editions and Bundles

  • Limited Editions: Release special editions with bonus content, high-quality production materials, or autographed copies to create collectible items for dedicated fans.
  • Box Sets: Offering box sets of series or thematic collections can appeal to collectors and provide a value perception that encourages bulk purchases.

Cross-Media Adaptations

Collaborating with film, television, or gaming industries to adapt the book into different media formats can significantly boost its visibility and sales, attracting a wider audience.


Developing merchandise related to the book, like clothing, posters, or action figures, can create additional revenue streams and deepen the book’s brand presence.

Expanded Content

Create supplementary content like prequels, sequels, spin-offs, or companion books that delve deeper into the book’s universe, providing more for fans to consume.

Educational Market

Tailoring content for educational purposes, like study guides or curricular editions, can open up institutional sales channels.

Foreign Rights Sales

Selling translation rights to publishers in other countries can expand the book’s global reach and increase revenue.

Subscription Services

Including the book in subscription-based models (like Kindle Unlimited) can attract readers who prefer these services and generate consistent revenue through read counts or borrowing rates.

Marketing and Publicity Campaigns

  • Enhancing the book’s visibility through targeted marketing campaigns, social media promotions, book tours, and author interviews can increase sales.
  • Engaging with book clubs, reading groups, and conducting giveaways can enhance reader engagement and visibility.

Upselling and Cross-selling

  • Upselling: Authors can offer premium versions of their books, such as deluxe editions, which include additional content, exclusive cover art, or access to special events or webinars.
  • Cross-selling: Promoting related products or books at the point of sale, like companion guides, merchandise, or courses related to the book’s content.

Online Courses and Workshops

Authors can create and sell online courses or workshops based on their book’s subject matter, offering deeper insights, interactive learning experiences, and personal engagement.

Licensing Content

Licensing book content for use in other products, such as educational materials, documentaries, or courses, can open new revenue streams.

Direct Sales and Personalized Offers

Selling books directly from the author’s website or through personalized email marketing campaigns can increase margins and allow for bundled offers, discounts, and exclusive content, enhancing AOV.

Membership and Patronage Programs

Establishing a membership or patronage program where readers can subscribe to receive exclusive content, early access to new works, or special merchandise, fostering a sense of community and ongoing revenue.

Speaking Engagements and Consultancy

Authors can leverage their expertise and reputation to engage in speaking tours, webinars, or consultancy work, which not only increases income but also promotes their written work.

Utilizing Data Analytics

Analyzing sales data and customer behavior can help authors understand their audience better, tailor their marketing strategies, and create products that resonate with their readers’ preferences, thus increasing sales potential.

Collaborative Marketing

Partnering with other authors or influencers in the same genre or field to cross-promote books can reach wider audiences and increase sales through shared networks.

By diversifying their product offerings, engaging directly with readers, and leveraging their expertise, authors can significantly increase their AOV and build a more sustainable and profitable business.


By diversifying the ways in which a book is marketed, packaged, and sold, publishers can significantly increase the value of a single book, turning it into a multifaceted product that generates revenue from various sources.

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