artificial intelligence (AI) aiding in creative thinking

AI Prompts for Creative Thinking (List)

Among the many use cases for LLMs (e.g., ChatGPT, Claude, Google Gemini), they can disrupt conventional thinking patterns to help you think more creatively and uncover breakthrough innovations that transform your business.

By igniting lateral thinking, they can challenge your assumptions, help you overcome mental blocks, and polish your ideas – helping you discover solutions that otherwise may not be obvious.

AI Prompts for Business Challenges

  • Create new products/solutions that address customer needs in novel ways
  • Strengthen or reimagine a struggling product/service
  • Identify & mitigate risks
  • Open up new revenue/fundraising avenues
  • Reduce time & resources by finding simpler or more cost-effective solutions
  • Discover ways to set your company apart from competitors
  • Develop a plan to stay ahead of changing market demands
  • Boost efficiency by determining how to smartly integrate AI tools into your operations
  • Craft unique value propositions, personalized customer experiences, or innovative products that distinctly set the company apart in the competitive landscape.

How to Use AI

Simply explain your challenge or scenario to the LLM and ask it questions like:

  • How can I think differently about this problem?
  • What are unconventional ways to approach this?
  • What would be a creative solution here?
  • Can you suggest 1-2 lateral thinking techniques for this?

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