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Advertising Statistics: What to Know & What to Do About It

You don’t need to be told that advertising is an important part of any company’s success, but these advertising statistics may surprise you.

And what digital marketers should do about them.

Advertising Statistics 2023

Let’s take a look.

1) 94% of people skip over search ads and go straight to organic results

How to overcome this

Create punchy copy, leverage power words, and test as many variations as possible. Feel free to be entertaining.

2) 60% of consumers intentionally provide bogus form info

If you do lead generation, maybe all those qualifying questions you make to your leads are useless.

How to overcome this

Keep the questions in the form under seven or use lead form Extensions in Google ads, or Lead Ads on Facebook, since they pre-fill the form for the user.

This reduces the risk of getting fake information.

3) Only 10% of advertisers optimize their Google Ads accounts each week

The good news is that your competition is lazy.

The bad news is that you could be in the statistics… no! We refuse to believe that our readers are lazy.

Should we tell you what to do?

Audit and optimize your account periodically.

4) Online ads are the least-diverse media type in the United States and 54% of people don’t feel culturally represented in online ads

For example, if you’re female and not 5’10” 120 lbs, do you really feel represented by Victoria’s Secret ads?

Maybe not, which is why VS has had to adapt like many companies.

What to do

Represent different types of people in your ads.

This can be along different dimensions. That can include ethnicity and gender, but also include different body shapes (if applicable), those with disabilities.

Your creatives must appeal to lots of different people.

Also, use inclusive language.

5) 96% of consumers don’t trust ads

This isn’t really news, right?

What can you do?

Tone down your crazy good claims to make them more trustworthy.

And include as many credibility elements as you can:

  • social proof
  • testimonials
  • demonstrations
  • reasons why
  • creative guarantees
  • specifics, and
  • acknowledge skepticism

6) 67% of people say that once a brand loses its trust, there’s no gaining it back

For example, false claims, damaged goods or services, poor customer experience, unintentional mistakes.

Trust is hard to build but very easy to break.

Be consistent with your brand value. And don’t overlook customer care.

7) Even small ad networks aren’t small

Smaller ad networks aren’t as small as you think.

According to Microsoft internal data and Comscore, Microsofts’ advertising audience exceeds one billion people, having reached the milestone back in March 2021.

Microsoft’s web properties spread across its search engine, Bing, as well as, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft News/MSN, and several other Microsoft properties and premium news publishers.

Overlapping audience: A good percentage of those one billion people are “overlapping audiences,” which means your ad can be shown multiple times across multiple Microsoft properties.

You could, for example, first show your ad on Bing and then on Windows.

Why we care: Microsoft is not one of the “big two” (Facebook and Google) ad networks, and it’s difficult to gauge how “small” they truly are.

Stats like these give us a sense of scale in case we decide to dip our toes into Microsofts’ ecosystem.

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