3 Strategies to Get Your Competitors’ Traffic

If you don’t run Google Ads, then you should be aware of these three strategies to target your competitors’ traffic.

And this doesn’t involve bidding on their brand names with search ads.

Let’s dive in:

1) Build custom audiences with competitors’ keywords

This strategy helps you target users who have searched competitor terms with Discovery and Video campaigns.

You can create a list of all your competitors’ names and target all the users that searched for them.

Cool, isn’t it?

It won’t be as effective as bidding on their names in the search, but you’ll still target highly relevant audiences.

2) Create custom audiences with competitors’ URLs

Similar to the previous one. But, instead of using your competitors’ search terms, you go straight for the URL.

This doesn’t mean re-targeting users who visited your competitors’ websites.

This option, rather, tells Google to show your ads to people who visited websites similar to the ones you’ve added.

3) Put your YouTube Ads in front of your competitors’ videos

It doesn’t get much better, and slightly mischievous, than this.

You can actually show your ads to people watching your competitors’ YouTube videos, and even target specific videos or their entire channel.

These are definitely some cheaper options than targeting your competitors’ keywords in the search.

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