Spotify Playlist Names: 100+ List, Best, Funny, Good, Aesthetic Playlist Names

Looking for Spotify playlist names or playlist names in general? We’ve got plenty for you.

Whether you’re looking for Spotify playlist names that are fun, funny, sad, aesthetic, cool, good, creative, or whatever it might be, we have plenty of playlist name ideas that you can try out.

If you love music and enjoy creating playlists of your favorite songs – whether that’s rap, country, rock, pop, trance or any genre – and love sharing them with your friends, choosing a great playlist name is important to help show what it’s all about.

Creating playlists is where the bulk of the work comes in, but choosing name ideas for a playlist can be just what it needs to tie everything together.

We’ve written a guide to help you with creating good Spotify playlist names.

After spending all those hours listening to music and creating your playlist, you have to come up with a name for it. It seems easy and straightforward, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to come up with playlist name ideas. We think what we have for you below can help you save some time and find you the right name.

We have lists of name suggestions to help you get started.

How to come up with a good Spotify playlist name

Many who curate playlists often build them based on:

  • genre (country, rap, hiphop, rock, pop, classical)
  • artist
  • mood (e.g., uplifting, chill)
  • what they’re for (e.g., a playlist for working out or going to the gym, swimming, running, lifting)

So, knowing the basic theme of your playlist is step one.

What do the songs have in common, in terms of genre, artist, time (e.g., 1990s), season (e.g., summer), movie, musical or show, and other markings?

Draft out a list. What we have below can help to get out all possible ideas for your playlist.

Make a list. Write down all the possible ideas that you can come up with.

You can keep things funny. We have a list just for things like puns and other lighthearted and fun playlist names.

Go through the list and decide which best describes what you’re looking for. 

Finally, share it with your friends.

How many songs should be in a playlist?

Generally around 15-25 songs is a good number. If it’s any shorter it might not be long enough.

For example, if you go to the gym for an hour each day and your playlist ends at the 40-minute mark, then adjusting your music is a hassle you’ll have to deal with.

If it’s too long, you’ll never get through it all or won’t be motivated to use it.

But regardless, think of what the playlist is for and design its length in light of that.

A general rule of thumb for playlist length is 15-20 songs per hour.

A 30-minute set is usually 7-10 songs. A 45-minute set is often 10-15 songs. An hour, about 15-20 songs. 90 minutes, about 20-25. And 2 hours might require about 30-40 songs.

Of course, as the amount of time gets longer, the variation increases because of the variance in track length.

Song length also varies by genre.

For Top-40, a track is often 3-4 minutes. For trance, they can often be longer than 5 minutes with the build, drop, culmination, and transition mix.

An hour-long Top-40 playlist might be the more typical 15-20 songs.


How to change Spotify playlist names

This is a common question, so we’ll cover the basics on how to change playlist names on Spotify.

If you think of a better playlist name for your Spotify playlist, here’s how to change the name.

Just follow these steps:

Spotify Desktop, Web

1) Open Spotify on your Browser or Desktop

2) Log into your account, if necessary

3) Open the playlist whose name you’d like to change

4) Click on the three dots icon

5) Select ‘Edit Details’ in the drop-down menu

Spotify Playlist Names

6) Directly edit the playlist name.

Playlist Names

7) Finally, click on ‘Save’

Spotify Mobile App

To change playlist names on the Spotify mobile app, just follow these steps:

1) Open your Spotify App

2) Log into your account, if necessary

3) Tap on ‘Your Library’ in the bottom toolbar

4) Tap the playlist whose name you’d like to change

5) Tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner

change playlist names mobile spotify

6) Select the ‘Edit Playlist’

7) Edit the playlist name


8) Click on ‘Save’

And you’re finished!


Funny Spotify Playlist Names

Looking to add in some humor to your Spotify playlist names?

Here’s a list of funny playlist names:

Alarm Tones disguised as Songs
Artist’s that murmur their lyrics
Beat Drop at 1,2,3
Discooooo Baby
Listen don’t Read
Listen With Caution
Personal Notes in form of songs
Pit of Darkness
Rhythmic Existentialism
Serial Killer Favourites
Singles feeling Heartbreak
Songs about food
Songs that make me Clown
Songs that make me go Swoosh
Songs that make no sense
Songs to play at Funeral
Songs to play at my Wedding
Songs with nothing but beat drops
This flippity dippity-hippity hip-hop
What is even Techno


Aesthetic Playlist Names

Aesthetic means something that sounds look. It might be a common phrase, a play on words, or something that just sounds good to the ear.

Here are a collection of aesthetic playlist names for Spotify:

Childhood Favourites
Deja Vu
Don’t listen to this at night
Feeling my Fictional Heartbreak
Indie Songs that make me look Cool
Love Songs
Missing You
Party Playlist
Pop Garbage
Pop Psychos Music
Remember that Day?
Rock N Roll
Sabrina Claudio’s eternal need to make me Sad
Songs about Space
Songs called ‘Happy’ that are extremely sad
Songs that sound like Static Noise
Soothing Music
Tap to feel Despair
Torturous Music here
Vibing with Chai

Good Spotify Playlist Names

Just looking for your standard, good playlist names?

We’ve got a few good Spotify playlist names below:

Afternoon Daydreams
Ballads in Rain
Classics that never get old
Crowd Pleasers
Despacito on Repeat
Drown My Anxiety
Floating Like Clouds
Heart Wants What It Wants
I see ‘Colors’
In my Feels
John Mayer’s Guitar
Shakespeare Could Never Right This
Sleepy Sonnets
Songs that sound like Sunshine
Songs that sound the Same
Swing to Jazz
Take me Home
Tear my Heart and Toss it Around
Touch and Shine
Your Blue Eyes


Cool Spotify Playlist Names

How about some cool playlist names for Spotify?

If you use these cool Spotify playlist names, you’ll have some very chilly collections to pass along to your friends:

Alternative Hits
Baby Come Back
Calm Before Storm
Come and Go
Country Songs that Torture Me
Crouch and Cry
Eminem Spitting Fire
High Spirit Songs
In my Black Dress
Jump then Fly
Low Voice Music
Nature’s Heartbeats
Personal Diary
Raindrops on my Skin
Rap Music for Kids
Smells Like Grass
Songs called IVY
Songs to Slow Dance
Strumming my Heartstrings
What is LOVE?


Spotify Playlist Names

How about some basic Spotify playlist names?

These will give you some inspiration or some you can take directly.

All Spotify Hits
LANA DEL RAY of Sunshine
Early 2000’s
In the Dark
That Indie Song much Cooler than Mine
Don’t Listen Unless Stable
Songs that Sound Cold
Best Chorus
Hip Hop Hits
Canon’s Fired
The Trendsetters
Symphony of Pain
Wine in Hand, Swinging Shoes
The Sunset Setting
Stuck on Chorus
Soul Music that Heals
Heavily Produced
Metal Baby
Folk Songs

Unique Spotify Playlist Names

Below are some unique Spotify playlist names.

At least we think they are…

Back in Garage
Bon Iverson
Conflict Resolution 101
Dear Loverboy
Driving through the Rains
Echo’s at Night
Hurt but not Broken
Left me right here
Moonchild’s Playlist
Motif motif MOTIF
My EMO Phase
Shuffle to Moon
Songs Called ‘Colors’
Songs that give Closure
Songs with Weird Names
Wolffy Loony Tunes
Your Companion through Sweaty Workouts

Fun Spotify Playlist Names

If you’re going to name a playlist you might want to have a little fun with it.

Here are a few fun Spotify playlist names worth checking out:

Acid on my Tongue
Could Die for you
Crushed By Crushes
Find all Anti’s Here
Growing Pains
Happy As Hell
Hi Misery, my dear old Friend
My Coffee Shop Background Score
Naruto Theme Song Playlist
Playlist for you Pity Party
Pluto Could Never
Queen Music
Songs that don’t make sense but hurt the same
Stargaze with Me
The Anti Social, Social Club
The Perfect Bop
The Ultimate Playlist
Too Cool for School
Turn Around Girl
Where do I start, Where do you end?

Creative Playlist Names

Below are a few creative Spotify playlist names:

Acoustics Version
Autumn Afternoons
Feelings and other stupid things
Female Rage
Fiesta de la Tarde
In My Mood
Just a Sadboi
Leave, I’m sad
Lowkey Indie
My Muse
Songs I could dance to
Songs that Sound Witchy
Sonic Sonnets
Sounds Like Summer
Study Tunes
Tap Tap Rains
Tell me why
The Coming of Age
The Moment I knew
The Night We Met
Underrated Gems
Winter Carrols

Country Playlist Names

How about some genre-specific playlist names?

If you’re in the mood for some country, here are some country playlist names.

Carefully Crafted
Country Singles
Country Taylor
Cowboy like me
Forgotten Past
Go Back and redo it Again
Grandma’s Childhood Chronicles
Hot Country
Kicking Up Dust
Mirror to my Soul
My Pickup Truck
Old Country Love
Romanticizing Life
Stories of Country Life
Storytellers of Past
That kid was me
That Southern Accent

Rap Playlist Names

Looking for some good rap playlist names?

We’ve got some examples of some at least semi-cool rap playlist names:

Be easy, be free
Castle of power
Dope songs
Drinks on me
Get lit, stay lit
Global rap
Lighter ride
Sicko mode
Str8 vibin
That’s a rap
Unexpected Fantasy
Words of pain

Party Playlist Names

How about some party Spotify playlist names?

Cleaning Party
Cool Kids Party
Dancing under Electric Sky
Dark Academia
Disco Dancers
Don’t Sing, Yell Them
Got my Social Proof
Head Bangers
Hip Hop Beats
Hip Rolls and Body Rolls
My Electric Guitar
My Villain Origin Story
Only for Jocks
Party All Night
Tastes Like Tranquility
That Radio Song
That Rainy Day Feeling

Holiday & Christmas Playlist Names

If you’re in the mood for some holiday and Christmas music, you’ve got to have some good Christmas playlist names for these seasonal lists:

Baby, Please Come Home
Cold and Frosty
Drummer Boy
Fake Festive
Fireplace Singalongs
Santa Baby
Score to your Yearly Fights
Sophisticated Christmas Songs
Sounds Like a Christmas Song
The Christmas Song
The Ultimate Christmas Playlist
Warmth of Xmas


Playlist Names Generator

Many are also looking for a tool that can do the work for them.

This can help if you just want to hand over the work to technology and generate playlist names quickly.

You just need to input a few things and the generator can serve you up multiple playlist name suggestions.

This Playlist Name Generator can help you come up with playlist names based on the genre or mood of the song selection. Y

ou can also add in keywords to give the generator what it needs to give more accurate results. Coming up with a playlist name can be super simple through this avenue.

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