Why Reddit Ads Are Considered ‘Indirect Google Ads’

Marketing is heavily about going where your users and their attention is. That’s the idea behind the new ad format for Reddit.

It’s called Conversation Placement. These ads are located in conversation threads, just under the original post and above the first comment.

Reaching an untapped audience

According to research, a large percentage of Reddit votes come from the visitors who land in conversation threads come from SEO searches.

This is an untapped audience that other ad formats (like in-feed ads) aren’t able to reach.

Promising initial success

600 businesses signed up with Reddit as beta testers over 12 months across industries like customer technology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), publishing, entertainment, and streaming.

When using Conversation Placement and In-Feed ads together, beta test partners saw the following:

  • a 9% increase in clickthrough rate
  • a 10 percent increase in conversion rate, and
  • a 23% decrease in cost-per-click (CPC).

Reddit Ad Targeting

You’ll be able to use the standard Reddit targeting options with Conversation Placements.

You can target specific Reddit communities, interests, and custom audience segments, as well as use negative keyword targeting.

Our take

We like the tidbit that Reddit mentioned about SEO.

If this is true, it would be like doing Google Ads indirectly:

a) A person types a relevant keyword into Google

b) person sees a Reddit post and clicks

c) person sees your ad

Should be a nice new tool for the arsenal of internet marketers.

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