The Basics of How to Market with TikTok

TikTok is the platform that more and more business owners want to crack the most.

If you’re one of them, and you haven’t yet jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, we’ve covered the basics to help you get a head start.

By 2024, TikTok is predicted to reach 40% of US internet users.

And at the moment, 700 million people use the app every day.

How are businesses using TikTok?

Hashtag challenge

This is a unique TikTok format and it’s useful to reach new audiences.

The goal is to go viral by creating a challenge and incentivizing users to participate.

An example is the #GuacDance launched by Chiptole.

UGC reigns supreme

TikTok users don’t like “ads that look like ads.”

Focus on interacting with users rather than selling.

Key tips to make the most out of TikTok

Speed is everything

On TikTok, trends arise and fade quickly. And if you want to surf the wave, you must react quickly when you see a new one.

Use trending songs in your videos

The music you choose in your video can greatly impact its popularity.

Music is king on TikTok.

Be authentic

TikTok is mostly used by young users, who are very good at sensing advertising.

TikToks focused on advertising tend to not do as well.

Use targeted hashtags

Don’t choose generic hashtags or you’ll get lost in the weeds. Use the search function to uncover the hashtags used the most by your audience.

Encourage duets

These allow you to create videos using existing content.

You should stimulate users to create duets using your content, to gain popularity and generate even more UGC.

Tips from TikTok itself

TikTok released the findings of two studies trying to answer:

  • How TikTok creator-created ads are different from repurposed, or “non-TikTok-specific” ads.
  • Do TikTok Ads help CPG brands drive offline sales?

Let’s start with the second question.

You bet

According to TikTok’s studies with NCSolutions and Nielsen, TikTok ads drive offline sales for CPG advertisers.

When it came to driving audience response, in-feed video ads performed best.

Europe and Southeast Asia had the highest-paid media ROAS, followed by the United States.

It pays to be platform-specific

Here’s one way to kill your chances of success with TikTok ads: repurposing your Facebook videos.

Having TikTok-specific ads drove 19% higher ad recall than non-TikTok-specific ads, according to the research.

When the ad was tailored to TikTok and made in collaboration with TikTok creators, the ad recall was even higher at 27%.

What we can take away from all this

If you’re a CPG advertiser, in-feed video ads can work at driving sales.

If you have the video equivalent of writer’s block and have no clue what videos to create, try collaborating with relevant TikTok creators in your niche.

They most likely know the platform inside-out, have an understanding of what type of content works there, and can help you in making a “TikTok-native” killer video ad.

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