How Amazon and Twitch Get People to Gift More and Pay for Other People’s Ads

Amazon and Twitch have recently been experimenting with some unusual growth hacks that we can get inspired by.

Amazon has a convenient way to send gifts to people.

You just need to enter the recipient’s email or phone number, select the gift, and you’re good to go.

Here’s where Amazon gifting gets interesting

The recipient gets a unique gift link.

After that, they can accept the gift and enter a delivery address.

If they don’t like the gift, they can exchange it for an Amazon gift card of an equivalent value.

(And Amazon won’t tell the gifter.)

Pretty cool and unique, right?


…on the other hand, has been testing an interesting feature that will allow viewers to pay Twitch to promote you.

Yes, fans will literally pay Twitch so you can appear on their front page.

How this can apply to your business

If you want to create a gift card program for your e-commerce store but are stuck for ideas, we’re glad we could help.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more ways to get people to support your brand, why not ask them to donate towards something specific (like helping your business become more successful with marketing)?

And pro tip: When asking for something, give a reason why you want it.

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