Which Ad Platforms Are Most Trustworthy and Innovative?

When you survey over 14,000 consumers from two dozen countries on their social media ad perceptions, you’re bound to get some interesting data. Here are some of the findings:

TikTok Ads

  • 37% of consumers have seen TikTok ads. Not bad for a “Gen Z” app. This is nearly double what was reported last year.
  • For marketers, even better news – many consumers didn’t perceive the ads as negative. They rated them as fun and entertaining.

The company behind the survey (Kantar) also asked consumers to rate the innovativeness and trustworthiness of all major social media ad platforms.

The most trustworthy platforms for ads

Spotify came in first. Amazon came in second, followed by Google.

The most innovative platforms for ads

TikTok was first. Instagram was second, followed by Spotify (the only platform to rank in the top-3 for both).

Why this is important

If you’re promoting a serious product and aren’t sure where to start your marketing of it, a good idea might be to start with platforms where people perceive the ads to be more trustworthy.

These include Spotify podcast ads, Google ads, and YouTube ads in this case. These are generally best for more serious audiences.

Of course, with YouTube, choose your videos carefully to get at your target audience.

If you’re promoting something interesting or entertaining, TikTok and Instagram may be a better place to start.

YouTube can also overlap with an “entertainment” audience (e.g., if you’re promoting something like fidget spinners).

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